Catastrophe Naturelle excess

Last june ( 2018 ) we had a flood, which caused a bit of water damage inside the house. We were at the time insured with La Poste and a very nice assessor came and approved our claim, which was quickly paid
We’ve just received a letter from La Poste, saying that the floods have now been classified by the state as "Catastrophes Naturelles "
They’ve said that, because of this, our excess, which was 120€ has been revised to 380€ and they now want a cheque for 260€ to cover the difference.
Has this happened to anyone else ?

If the change in legislation has occured since your claim was agreed it seems a bit sneaky, to say the least…but I have no knowledge of the law, local or otherwise.

Hello Bev… long time, no see

I would take the letter along to the Mairie and ask their advice.

There are so many scams… this might be one… on the other hand, it might be La Poste “trying their luck”… who knows… the Mairie will have the information about the floods etc… and give best-advice.

There will be small print somewhere saying what they can revise in certain circumstances. If you find a let out for them then you probably have to go with it. I’d definitely be checking carefully before paying anything back.

I wonder what happens where folk have moved away in the interim ???

gone abroad even… ???

Do they still hope to get their money… and do they really have the right ??

I believe that your house insurance will cover for inondations, even if its classed as catastrophe naturelle.
Take a good look at the contract, it seems odd that they should want you to pay an excess.
I have put a link on here by the French Federation of Assurance…take a look and see if your situation is covered.
I would also think seriously about getting a quote from another Insurance company.[0]=field_infos_assures%3Aparents_all%3A143

I’m still not convince it is kosher… smells a bit to me… :zipper_mouth_face:

Thanks everyone, I’ll have a really good look into it. It does seem unfair though, but I’ll let you know how it goes

Thanks Misty. On reading this, it seems the excess of 380€ is correct in the case of catastrophe naturelle. I will ask our maire though ( I’m not banking on him though, as he’s a nice man, but pretty useless ! )

I meant Ann, sorry !

Thanks Ann. On reading this, it seems the excess of 380€ is correct in the case of catastrophe naturelle. I will ask our maire though ( I’m not banking on him though, as he’s a nice man, but pretty useless ! )

Don’t ask the Maire… ask the Secretaire…

The Maire is elected and goes through some training… the Secretaire is a government employee and should be au fait with everything… let’s face it she has to “carry” the Maire who may change every 6 years… :zipper_mouth_face::hugs:

I will answer to either Bev so no problems . :slightly_smiling_face:
It does seem very unfair that you will have to pay the excess, it’s also made me realise that I should check the cover on my policies too !
Good luck …

Hi Stella. So true - his secretary is amazing, but he’s a bit useless ! No, I’ll be honest, he’s completely useless !

B x

I doubt he will have been voted-in for his prowess with bureaucracy… and it will all (possibly) have come as a rude-awakening for him… poor lamb.

Our commune has about 99 inhabitants and no less than 3 “clans” . He was the deputy maire previously and unfortunately has no prowess for bureaucracy, unfortunately ! . His wife didn’t want him to become maire and ran off in tears at the inauguration. I was asked to be on an alternative list, but I’ve got no intentions of getting involved in all the shenanigans in our little commune ! Shame really

Just asked the question at our Mairie…

Seems that this Letter is correct… yes, the Insurer can claim back the difference (if any) between the franchise deducted from the payment… and the 380€ which is standard franchise for everyone… for Catastrophes Naturelles …

CN are always declared in retrospect… and (so I am informed) monies will be sought from the Policy Holder … "even to the ends of the earth " :zipper_mouth_face:

Thanks Stella, you’re a star !

I think we’ll be biting the bullet



don’t forget, you only pay the difference…

and the letter should contain enough info, for you to be sure it is not a fraudulent request… (amazing how scammers can home-in on the unsuspecting…)

Yup, they “only” want 260€ but I will check, although it does look kosher


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