Catch-up with Eurovision

For anyone who feels the need… :upside_down_face:

I was half watching last night and suddenly thought the song I could hear was pretty bad. I looked up from my iPad and it was the UK. Perfectly good singer but rubbish song. I’m not surprised the UK came last. France had a plus size ballet dancer who seemed to have nothing to do with the singer and Australia had flying on wires.

I blame Nigel Farage.


If he had his way, we (british) wouldn’t have to subject ourselves to this humiliation every year :joy::joy::joy:

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Ah, i see now where all the confusion has arisen - it was all about leaving Eurovision, not the EU!!! :wink:

Easy to confuse the two after all, what with the annual humiliation that is Eurovision.

I mean, how the **** is it possible to come LAST ???

Come back Sir Cliff, all is forgiven !

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British exceptionalism at work :slight_smile:

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Nahhhhh crappy song, badly presented. Pigs ear and silk purse spring to mind. As do other things but I know they wouldn’t go down too well…:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::rosette::rosette::rosette:


Visually the Australian on the high bendy pole was magnificent … certainly put Madonna to shame! I can’t remember any of the songs. It’s all image these days.

Go on Simon, spill the haricots.

Lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I don’t think so Peter - I would risk unleashing the Wrath of Khan… :wink:

I didn’t watch it live this year but I love Madonna and wanted to see her performance…my first thought was…she’s been sabotaged by the sound system…!

Anyway she’s released this version on her twitter account now…x :slight_smile:

Madonna, Quavo - Eurovision Song Contest 2019 - YouTube

And here’s the link to her “Ray of Light Foundation”…

“My Revolution has nothing to do with bloodshed or violence.
It is a revolution where we support one another regardless of race, religion, or gender.
A revolution that promotes peace and demands equality.
I don’t accept injustice. And neither should you.
I invite you all to join my Revolution of Love!

Ray of Light 2018 Impact

In 2018, Ray of Light continued its work promoting education equalty, peace, women’s empowerment and social justice globally. Highlights include:

DETROIT: Supporting purchase & renovation of school building for new Detroit Prep Academy, a sister school to Detroit Achievement Academy. Detroit Prep Impact:

  • 140 students served
  • Most diverse student body in Detroit
  • Study body excelling academically (94th percentile for reading and 95th percentile for math)


Supporting health, literacy, legal services & leadership education which:

  • 133,824 patients treated in health clinics
  • 335 women taught in mobile literacy classes
  • 95,542 patients reached with health education


Helping to close $185M deficit following Trump Administration funding cuts to UNRWA programs for Palestinian refugees by funding 16 teachers’ salaries at a middle school and an elementary school in Gaza Strip

  • 2,625 refugee girls served
  • Students come from communities affected by increased violence recent months

We were watching a horror film…when it finished Madonna was just starting to murder “Like a Prayer”. Think the twitter version has been pitch corrected. Take a lot more than that to make my voice sound anything other than flat mind you!

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