Catering for a BBQ

We are looking for a caterer for next Sept for a wedding with approx 70 guests. The main meal being a bbq. It is to be in the dordogne . This is more difficult than we expected. Any recommendations please.

Yes. Can you picture yourself cooking a barbecue meal at home in the garden?
How many people will you cook for?
How many barbecues would you need to cook for 70?
And where is the designated space for the these barbecues…and an area for
plating up?
And keeping meat etc outside in the open garden in summer…
Maybe I am over thinking this …but once a chef…always a chef.

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Have you contacted the local Traiteurs… ???

Would they take on such a task?

I cannot see why not… in our commune the Village Meals are always done by local Traiteurs…they are the professionals, used to the numbers and of course the meal depends on the season…and what they are asked to provide.

In summer they often do spit-roasting and barbecues on the petanque court, which is just outside the salle des fêtes … works very well.


Yes this I know.
Same thing happens in my village and aroun but the standard of food is not what I would call good.
But that is beside the point…the barbecue is not usually what they provide?
Ah yes there are some excellent traiteurs and they charge around 100 euros plus as they have lots of exspences…ie refrigerated truck and the means to wash hundreds of plates and glasses. Many of the venues offer virtually no facilities.

Barbara… the barbecue is not an alien concept to outside caterers… :wink:

A professional will provide a service according to the needs of the customer… so the first thing, surely, is to open such discussions. :relaxed:

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No of course not.
So tell me how they do it for 70 people.
You seem to know a lot about catering.

There has to be a profit to be made by a caterer…for their time and effort
after paying for hire equipment and helpers, ingredients and then
taxes what could they be left with financially?
what would they charge per head?

Barbara… we (the Fete Committee) contact the professionals…discuss what ideas we have… and also what price we are thinking of charging the diners… (the Wedding will presumably have a budget in mind).

Long conversations and consultations follow… menus are discussed… items thrown out… others added…

Of course, a Traiteur will inspect what equipment etc we have available… and discuss what equipment they have…what they need… and between all of us… things work themselves out.

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Have you ever had a barbecue event?

Barbara… I have already said that we do… every year … they are always well attended…and great fun.

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sorry did not note that.

I think Joan that you have to be a bit more precise regarding your location. The Dordogne is a big place. I seem to recall an advert in our local Leclerc for a caterer who offered hog roasts (he/she was French) but we live on the Gironde/Dordogne border do could be a hundred or more miles from your location.

Yes you could find a hog roast …perhaps.

Ha ha… Barbara… what do you mean “perhaps”… you have made me chuckle so much this morning.:grinning: thanks for that… got a funeral this afternoon and was feeling a bit grim.

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Glad that I made you chuckle…same here.

With catering you get what you pay for…and a summer fete in the village is a little different to a wedding celebration…a once in a life time event.
Can you just imagine the fat from the sausages getting on the lovely white bridal gown!
Yes from 1200 or a little more 70 people can get the meats cooked.
and served on disposalable plates…so what happens about everything else.

Barbara… as I have suggested… the Original Poster should contact the local Professionals.

Prices will obviously vary according to the Client’s requirements…(not sure why you think of disposable plates, we don’t use them)

and I’ve just had a vision… of the Bride flipping the burgers…:grinning: although, in reality, I would expect the Professionals to be doing all that sort of thing…


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the disposables were mentioned on the web site of the Barbecue provider.

Why are you so narrow minded? Just because something is outside your experience does not mean that it is impossible or inferior to the world you hold so highly.
I have been to many large events which were basically barbecues for large numbers of people and they have been very successful even when run by amateurs at rugby clubs and other fetes. The professional ones I’ve seen were wonderful. If the OP wants a barbecue for the wedding that’s what they want, presumably it suits the needs of the people involved, people who know their likes and are not interested in paying over the top for disappointing foo and presentation.