'Cathy come home'

Yes I watched BBC 4 last night....guilty!

Dragons Den and then 'Cathy come home'.

Yes some of us in UK had a life just like that in 1966.

That film showed British poverty as it was at that time and how life has

changed so much since then. Our expectations have grown.

I have been told by friend's in London that life was better before UK joined

the EU! We joined in 1973....we were accepted in 1973.

Now UK is turning her back on that alliance.

What is the real reason.


It failed to negotiate with other europeans.

Just finished watching it Barbara, too young at the time but quite shocking really. Ken Loach directed so perhaps I shouldn't be surprised.

Vaguely remember some of Cathy Come Home, Barbara, I watched it when it came out and remember I thought it was terrible at the time, didn't see it as a portent of times to come or being portrayed as being worse now than it was then. What goes around comes around though.

Yes I watched Dragons Den last night - even the expectations of the "entrepreneurs" wants from the Dragons have changed, yes there Do appear to be more "foreigners" judging from accents on it - not saying if good or bad. I thought the universal manhole lifting tool to be the most innovative.

As as for the person who said he was "Trademarked" because he owns the company he runs and had a worthless piece of paper, Debra Meaden made me laugh with her reactions to his answers! It's turning into a Comedy programme unfortunately, but yes I'll continue watching :-)

I was, infact admitting to watching British TV....and the mainly mentioning Cathy

Come home as I feel it is relevant to issues regarding Brexit.

We take a lot for granted now......and we are not as tolerant...perhaps.