Cats and more cats :)

I rescued a female cat sometime ago after she was dumped. She has since had 5 very beautiful kittens and I need help finding them some good homes. So if you know of anyone looking for a cute kitten please let me know.

They live in dept 79, Le Vert 79170
55 mins from La Rochelle, 35 mins south of Niort

more pics here!793&parid=96D743C19158A47!350&authkey=!ANspKNtOGT_8mEw

Kent they are lovely kittens you have there. Seems we are all collecting them in 5's, I think I shall keep one of mine also. Good luck finding homes for the other three Kent.

They are lovely.

Cats are amazing creatures.

We have 5 .

Hi, we're such a goodly distance from you to make it no competition: we're in 22 near Dinan, with the same situation: stray mum, 5 lovely kittens born in my workshop, so we've been looking after them. we'll keep 2: the all grey (Ted) and a female (Alice) but the other 3 need homes. All grey tabbies and such fun little fellas - and they all seem to have got the hang of using the tray. Just turned 6 weeks old now. A friend in the UK says I could get £200 each for them there, but we don't want to sell them; we just want to give them to good homes ![](upload://34MWXaVshV7ePYTI17zOFKxA8Iw.JPG)