Cats at Christmas-time

What do your cats get up to at Christmas time?

Do you buy them presents? If so what do they like best?

I admit to buying a special sachet of food for ours! Recently I've seen advent calenders for cats in the shops, would you buy one of these? Interestingly I didn't see any for dogs, why would this be??

We can't put any presents around the tree anymore, the cats love the wrapping and delight in tearing it to shreds!! Our big black cat, Marvin has a paper fettish, he loves shredding paper towels etc!!

Tootie, loves anything new to lie on, including the Christmas table runner!

@Julie Whittle

thanks for posting , i made a different version but yes my kittens are allready in it --they love it ![](upload://e6fCZaKKLtVBcmA9I9F1JSfRJ2S.JPG)

When I look at the computer pictures, I come to the conclusion that the new generation of cats seem to be more or less into the same activities! It is a pity, because in the old days they would go watching birds, spend time visiting the neighbour cats, and now? Look at our Mischief, it tells you everything......They could have so much more fun outside.....

no tinsels here or xmas tree , lol I have put my tree up at the neighbours lol , they have more space ....and on top of that they have children who can enjoy , while here i m busking all xmas period and wont have time to prepare food on xmas eve or day --- so we are invited as every year at their place

Abricot, helping with the deccies!

On a more serious note, it is essential to keep an eye on cats in tinsel and Christmas decorations, etc, not nice if they start to chew on them, just be aware of the dangers.

Made this one ages ago , Iggie our bengal cat ,at our cottage back in the UK

I feel a bit like that after writing a few Christmas cards too!!

It's all a bit too much!

Great photo - thanks

Writing xmas cards lol

We give similar items to the cats in the Rescue Centre, they love them! Keeps them entertained for hours on end!

This looks like fun, especially if you hide some treats! Will go into the garage and look if I can find a box to also make one for my cats!

You can see that Toots is thinking that the table decoration will "just have to go"!

I don't think the cats realise it is Christmas in any case, I guess they get spoilt rotten when you return - that is once they've forgiven you for leaving them!!

Christmas is always very sad for us, because we go to Germany and the cats have to stay behind.....:-(((

We celebrate Christmas with my sister and her family and with my mother and we always make sure we leave something for their 3 cats under the tree. Our own cats don't really know a proper Christmas because they either stay alone in the house and a sitter comes and feeds them, or if it comes to the worst, they end up in the kennel!

Therefore they get spoilt during the whole year with catnip toys and treats.

P.S. Tootie is looking really comfortable on your Christmas runner!