Cats being silly

I have just spent the best part of an hour trying to get some photos of cats we have for adoption, but they are just being silly...............

.............. I give up!!

They are at it again!!

Here is Samira, trying her hardest to ruin my adoption photos of her!!

My camera is a run of the mill 80€ Nikon coolpix but it usually does the job!

Top photo is of little Horatio, a gorgeous little boy and tabby adult girl 'Curly' below, so named beacause she has a funny curled around ear! I sometimes think that I spend half my time trying to get photos and last night, I did literally give up, but in the end (and it was by chance as I'm no photographer!) these gorgeous cats made photos to make me giggle!!

For Patirica - really pleased for your little boy, shame about the girls, but soemtimes you can't win them all!!

Wonderful photos Lynn. They will join my "Offical Refrigerator Chats du Quercy Photo Exhibition".

These are so funny! Brilliant, Lynn, I don't know how you how you did it.

You must have a great camera to capture them like this, Lynn! :wink:

By the time I am ready to click, mine look already away again…