CBD Advertising

Hello All, my son has a CBD and Vape shop abut he said they cannot advertise CBD. Does anybody on here know of the legalities or have any advice.

It reminds me of a Two Ronnies sketch from year ago

If your son has a shop doesn’t he know?

Anything with more than 0.2% THC is illegal in france, and I believe only liquid forms of CBD oil (ie for vaping) with less than 0.2% THC can be sold although a blind eye is often turned to sale of eg flowers.

There is alot on the internet…obviously can’t vouch for its accuracy but some comparing of articles could give you a good idea. For example the following article suggests that you can’t advertise any medical benefits of CBD oil, which implicitly suggests you can advertise it for non medical benefits.

“En France, comme dans les pays européens ouverts au CBD, ce cannabinoïde doit être extrait de variétés de chanvre industriel autorisées à la culture et à l’exploitation, peu ou pas la moindre trace de THC ne doit être retrouvée dans le produit fini (variable selon les pays) et aucune publicité ventant ses potentiels bienfaits médicaux ne doit être appliquée.”

I receive CBD spam daily :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

What have you been doing to deserve that? We get funeral services!

Very suspicious, that… :smiley: I’m not going to tell you the kind of services we keep getting offered :mask:

Reluctantly, but necessary to give my email address out over the past year so I presume that somehow has something to do with it :thinking: @ jane and Angela.

I have a separate email address (or 5!) to sign up for stuff and try to keep my ‘personal’ just for friends and family. Saves spam stress.


Maybe the CBD might help :face_with_hand_over_mouth::wink:
I do have other email addys for non importants, but never remember them… I have them in my little red book :thinking:

Very simple, you’re not allowed to advertise tobacco or any of its derivatives, electronique cigarettes were a grey area to begin with and I had posters/adverts in the window but you are now no longer allowed to do that (for the last few years now). CBD is a bit of a minefield too, I stopped selling it because it wasn’t clear, it is now clearer but you need a certificate from the supplier that it is legal, plent aren’t. I had a visit from the police only last week who were doing the rounds of all the tabacs seeing who sold it and checking certificates if they did.
It’s a very shady area, and product! more info here to be honnest, until things are clearer I’m not selling it!

I can understand that advertising tobacco products is not allowed anywhere. But you are allowed to say that you are a tabac outside your shop? And inside the shop you can say what you sell?

And one is allowed to have a shop selling electronic cigarettes and CBD oil… so same applies?

Exactly, I have to have “une carrotte” but can’t advertise tobacco products outside or inside. No external advertisisng for electronic cigarettes outside but we can advertise them inside… it’s a bit of a minefield. As a buraliste I’m regulated by les douanes, have to do initial training and refresher training etc. Anyone can open a vap shop and no specific regulations etc. Different ballgame for them. The government missed the boat completely and pissed off the buralistes as they should have controlled the vap market via buralistes but that’s another story…!

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I’ve heard of smoking “weed” but never “carrottes” :smiley:
Is it necessary to say “What’s up Doc” when visiting your MT with a cough?