Cdiscount terrible service

Has anyone else suffered at the hands of Cdiscount? My experience is they took the money, didn’t deliver on time then gave no indication of when they would deliver. It was impossible to talk to anyone ‘live’ and once you made an enquiry online you could make a subsequent one. The only way to get a reaction was to post on their Facebook page, where they ask you to private message them so that your complaint doesn’t appear on their page. After 3 weeks instead of supplying the goods they just say they will reimburse within 7 days, no explanation of anything. It remains to be seen if the money gets back to my account in the specified time. Can’t believe they can get away with it. Highly UN-recommended. (Sorry about the rant.)

Hi Nick,

No dealings with them, but when I mentioned to my OH, she said crap website, very annoying and it put her off from using it.

Thanks for the info on them.



I can only agree. We had a terrible experience, too involved to go into here, but we did lose out financially.
It is impossible to speak to these people or get satisfaction.
Steer clear.

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We have used them quite frequently, and only once, when ordering something for someone else, have we had a problem. Despite all their promises, it’s still not resolved. Part of the problem is that they were selling on behalf of another business, and it’s not a great amount of money. Apart from that, they have been good, even replacing a damaged dishwasher. Sometimes worth it to get a good deal

There was another party involved in our transaction too, but it was C discount that did not pay the refund that was due.

This is interesting to read. I need to replace my broken TV and after reading nothing but positive feedback from CDiscount customers they were going to my first port of call.

Based on Trustpilot - I wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole !


Good link Simon, confirms orginal posters concerns.


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Update… they have reimbursed the monies to my account. Still don’t think I shall use them again.

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We have purchased from CDiscount a few times and they have been fine. Delivered on time, and been a lot cheaper than all competitors for the items we ordered. Hopefully you just had a bad one off experience, it happens with all companies. Wish I had a euro for everyone who has said they’ve had a bad experience with eBay.