CDS appointments / photos (24) and card news (general)

Another update after our appointments this morning! I’m a bit dippy and we drove around a bit trying to find the right place to be (no stress as we’d left loads of time). Eventually found it and we were 40 minutes early so we had a wander through the Vesunna museum gardens. We got a bit confused (not having carefully read the letter and hadn’t spotted that it was building ‘i’ we needed :rofl: Any way we worked it out and as I had been told it is right next to the museum entry - but what confused me is that it is the gates not the actual 2 buildings :rofl: :rofl: Spotting the red ‘BREXIT’ signs helped too :rofl:

So quick and easy, the lady lovely. I also found out some information for others in the Dordogne. A LOT of the photo booths are closed - so far reports are the following (in and around Perigueux) are closed (covid reasons). If anyone finds anymore please update:

L’eclerc Trellisac

We were lucky, we went to Super U at Notre Dame de Salignac and they were open, however beware the machine doesn’t take cards and nor did the €5 note slot worked so we had to use coins (the guy at the acceuil was very helpful and said the machine is very capricious!).

Please make sure you are using proper ID photos (from the booths - they are marked OK for official use) or from a photographer (if they are currently open). It is really important or your application will be halted and a new appointment made once you have the correct photo. You are not to have earrings, glasses, hairstyles, a smile or anything and they are very strict about pale background, head centre etc. The woman said that people had been handing in all sorts of photos (one with sunglasses on and another on the beach :rofl: :rofl:). So take care to have the proper pic for your own (and the staffs) time.

The original estimate was a 3 week turnaround for the cards to be printed and sent. The cards are printed in a factory and now with new covid restrictions the factory is still open but running on much reduced staff to keep safe. This means that the lead time getting your cards physically will be much increased. For example for me going in today she said best case is end of December, in to January and worst case as late as February. She said to really not worry they will come and there is no problem. People also shouldn’t ring about them not arriving as there is a delay.

That’s all folks :smile:


The prefecture in La Rochelle (dept 17) has it’s own photo booth which I thought was pretty impressive and also made good business sense for the operator. :wink:

Thanks Tory, very useful info, it never ocurred to me that the photo booths would be closed, my natural one would be Inter at Nontron or Super U just down the road, I’ll have to get someone who lives nearer to check for me. Just in case I get a non-spam email that is. :roll_eyes: :slightly_smiling_face:

I found a local photographic shop… parked right outside, in and out in 15 mins… chose 6 of the best shots on offer (I still look ghastly :rofl:) OH looks great :roll_eyes:


Brits had correctly delayed “offered” appointment due to being in UK…
They contacted Perigueux this morning, (Thursday) to say they are now back in France…

wham, zap… an email offering appointment for Monday has been received.

Can’t fault Perigueux for their help …