CdSejour On-line Portal, Info & Flow Chart 19 October '20 onwards

It’s useful to hear what some folk are tripping over… :thinking:

We can all read/understand things so differently… :frowning:

“it is possible to start an online application and finalise it later. To do so, you will need to click on the tracking code located at the top left of the page to exit the procedure. You have 20 days to complete your procedure. After this period, the data entered will be automatically deleted.”

did you try to Resume your Application… which should stay good for 20 days…

sounds more as if you tried to re-apply…

let’s hope this is an easy one to sort out… :slight_smile:

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I just left the page live so to speak, returned awhile later, and it had gone, it was no more!
Even thoughI had the GED, so I started from the beginning. NewGED, took note of, and then filled in the form entered the code, et voila , not accepted, so what to do, have searched to avail, will try my local Mairie, you never know they may have the answer or know someone who does.

at worst… after 20 days it will blank your info… and you can start again… :thinking: :roll_eyes:

This is certainly a learning curve… thanks for the feedback, especially from those who have experienced hiccups…

Seems an idea to get the necessary docs prepared into the approved format and size… then settle down to work on through the site… without stopping…
and reading everything carefully before pushing any buttons…

mmm… my Brit pals are waiting patiently… hoping to learn of the possible pitfalls, from the experiences of those who tackle the Site today…

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Good that the French Government has got its act together on how we confirm out right to reside.

Now need to find out whether our dossiers rouges prioritaires the prefecture accepted last autumn have been automatically transfered.

The other thing is when the French government is going to issue the damn Cartes de Sejour, so far they have only said they will issue them before the end of June next year when they become compulsory!

I think you will find, they have said they will be shortly issuing cards for those who applied using the special online portal last year…

However, such folk do have to provide a photo and fingerprints… after which it should be plain sailing…

I forgot about the GED code and didn’t record either time. It was mentioned in our confirmation emails as being distinct from the code at the end of the process. Just hope we don’t need it as it is gone now.

What does GED mean anyway?

I also was alone between the 2 of us in being given a numeracy test.

I’m sure you’ll be alright… you’ve got your email…

I haven’t heard of this happening before. I will see if I can find anything out and get back.

It depends if you did it on the no deal portal or directly with the prefecture:
If you have already applied for a Brexit residence permit without agreement, between 9 October 2019 and 31 January 2020, you do not need to reapply online. Your application has been considered and will be processed by the prefecture before the obligation to hold a residence permit is enforceable against you.

If you applied any other way then you need to reapply. From the FAQ:

*I recently applied for a residence permit at the Prefecture but I have not yet received my document. Do I have to re-apply within the framework of BREXIT? *
Yes. You must re-apply online.

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Didn’t apply using the special portal.

As I said we applied to the prefecture in person and were told that our dossiers was “rouges, prioritaires” that is why we will be chasing the prefecture.

The answer to my other question is still unknown.

Grahame Pigney

P Help save paper - please don’t print this email unless you really need to.
P Sauvegardons la planète. Avez-vous vraiment besoin d’imprimer cet e-mail?

People have already started receiving appointments to attend their Prefectures to have fingerprints taken etc after which the cards will be sent out in the post.


We applied in person to the prefecture and were told that our dossiers was “rouge, prioritaire” and we wouldn’t have to submit the information again.

We were told this in person and by email.

You may not have heard of this before but it is what we were told by the people who were dealing with applications last autumn at the Carcassonne prefecture.

Grahame Pigney

P Help save paper - please don’t print this email unless you really need to.
P Sauvegardons la planète. Avez-vous vraiment besoin d’imprimer cet e-mail?

They will be issuing them as soon as they can. The 1000 + applications that were put in in the no-deal portal will be processed first which they are estimating will take around a month to get through. Then they will start processesing the ones from the new site. Estimate for new applications is probably late December to late January depending on how many apply straight away.

I really wouldn’t bother Grahame, I’m sure they were trying to be helpful to you but no one knew what exactly was happening a year ago (which is why most prefectures were not even accepting applications). The system is the system and this is how it works so you’ll just need to put your application in. You have been here a long time so I’m sure the 15 minutes it takes to complete it will be less time than bothering your prefecture who I’m sure will be busy getting through everyones applications.

Cross post!
Ahhh OK, as you say you didn’t mention this originally. If I were you I’d give them a quick call or email to confirm what you need to do.

PS My name is Tory (short for Victoria) not Tony.


That is good news but doesn’t address the questions I asked or the assertions you made.

That is why we are going back to our prefecture to find out whether they will deliver on the commitments they made.

Grahame Pigney

P Help save paper - please don’t print this email unless you really need to.
P Sauvegardons la planète. Avez-vous vraiment besoin d’imprimer cet e-mail?

They have given you the answer which you yourself have said, the carts will be issued before June. The earliest anyone applying now can expect is the end of the year. There are a lot of cards to get out and I’m guessing they can’t be more specific as they are probably not sure how quickly applications will be coming in etc. It does not matter as you don’t need to have a CdS until the 2nd half of next year so please chill out a bit Grahame, you should be happy it is all up and running.

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You asked ‘when’? Until the applicant physically turns up at the Prefecture to have their ID checked and fingerprints taken how can the cards possibly be issued?

What assertions have I made?

As soon as they can, can’t believe any government can rely on such a pathetic excuse when it has had 20 years or more to deal with the problem.

The French government could have been issuing CdS for EU citizens for years, and then we would have only to have exchanged our EU CdS for our post-Brexit CdS.

The French governments difficulties and lack of ability to issue us with the documents we are entitled to, whether under EU law or the Withdrawal Agreement, are purely a function of the French Government’s inability to deal with the situation.

Why should we make excuses for the French Government’s incompetence? The 3Million (EU27s in the UK) are rightly not prepared to accept the UK Home Office’s (Priti Patel’s) incompetence with dealing with equivalent applications for the right to reside in the UK.

Perhaps Brits in France are just not prepared to stand up and be counted.

Grahame Pigney

P Help save paper - please don’t print this email unless you really need to.
P Sauvegardons la planète. Avez-vous vraiment besoin d’imprimer cet e-mail?

I believe I have read… that only Brits who are resident before 31/12/2020… can use the Brexit On-line Portal… (up until the end of June)

and such Brits must use this special portal if they wish to have the particular Carte de Sejour bearing the magic phrase “WA/ Withdrawal Agreement” (which gives them extra rights…)

making an application in person … I think… does NOT give the “extra rights”… no matter how long a person has been resident…

I’m sure someone will step in if I have misunderstood things…

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You are not alone @toryroo - poor @cat has her name misspelled by Grahame constantly - no matter how many time she reminds him :roll_eyes: