Celebrant / Officiator at funerals and weddings

A sensitive question here: I'm thinking of adding another string to my bow which will tie in with my current ae status without needing to change anything (!).

When expats die here in France, how is the service managed? Is there a need for an English-speaking officiator who isn't affiliated to any particular religion?

This is something very similar to the Humanist approach, someone who will meet with the bereaved family and / or friends to agree and conduct a service that will celebrate the life of the loved one in terms of readings, a dedicated eulogy and music as appropriate.

I've done this before in the UK for friends and family, but hadn't realised until recently that I could do it professionally.

Before I sign up to undergo the intensive and expensive training, I wondered if there might be a need for this kind of service, what do you think?

Many thanks Tracy, I will.

You could contact these people for more information, they obviously feel there is a need for something


I used to work with them and they are very switched on. Jo is English and the other two are French but are used to working with anglophones.