Censorship on the forum?

(geoff faulkner) #1


On October 6th I started a thread - but up till now I have not seen it go live on this forum.

Either I missed it - and also nobody responded to it either - or it has not gone live - yet.

I ask respectfully whether any form of censorship is exercised on this forum and whether this could be the reason ?



(Bob Seidel) #2

Hi Geoff

Glad you've found the culprit even if it is yourself!


(geoff faulkner) #3

hi Bob

in fact my "problem" was of my own making - I assumed that ALL postings were announced on the "worth a read" email when in fact only a selection of postings are featured - the rest just sit there with all postings, waiting for someone to look through them. I suppose there are too many posts for them all to be announced so the 'moderator' selects a few to announce.



(Bob Seidel) #4

I have just posted a discussion (my first) and found that when I previewed it, I was not able to return to post it! Maybe this is what happened to you Geoff. There was, however, an icon which when pressed, recovered the text (without the header.

I posted something a month or so ago and also found it wasn't uploaded. Reviewing it at the time made it disappear


(Shirley Morgan) #5

grenades! I’ve thrown a few of them into discussions, posted about Politics to the exasperation point of boredom for everyone and I’m still alive to tell the tale! it’s only the Uk Gov trying to censor us all!

as to your discussion, it probably disappeared into the ether! and yes it’s absolutely tragic what happened at MSF hospital, hopefully a terrible accident, I don’t want to believe that any western country would deliberately target MSF.

(geoff faulkner) #6

thx Valerie

(Valerie Skinner) #7

Hi Geoff, just a p.s. really re new submissions, there's a panel on the left of the home page that displays discussions with the most recent activity, likewise blog posts towards the bottom of the page. Both have a "view all" option from where you can select "most recent" etc. If you're looking for something specific, put a few key words into the Google search facility, top left (I think) of the home page - that should bring up a selection of discussions/blogs where people may have raised an issue previously. Hope that helps. V.

(geoff faulkner) #8

yes thanks for that Brian. I had simply got into the habit of assuming that all the new content was indicated on "Worth a Read on SFN" emails. I need to just get into a different routine.

This thread has answered my query fully now. Thanks to all;



(John Brian) #9

Surely you have a spare minute. That’s all it takes to check the main page. If anyone had responded to your post you would have received a notification email.

(geoff faulkner) #10

I pm'd you James only because my computer refused to believe that I had entered content into the dialog box and refused to send my response to the whole group! No other reason.

In your response you have clarified everything. I now understand fully. Thank you;

I assumed that "Worth a Read on SFN" emails are to let people know of ALL the latest submissions to the forum - not just a selected few;

I am sure you must think me naive to assume that there are so few submission to the forum that you could do this - but it begs the question : how on earth do people get to see the submissions not selected for the "Worth a Read on SFN" emails?

Don't tell me that there are people out there who trawl the forums every day to see what new submissions have been made ? - oh to have the time.

Best regards


(James Higginson) #11

Geoff, I don't know if you meant to PM me your response but to clarify, "Worth a Read on SFN" emails are a selection of the posts that I think will be of most interest, rather that all of them. Statistically about 10% of posts make it to the "Worth a read on SFN".

(James Higginson) #12

When you say 'go live' are you referring to the 'Worth a read on SFN' email?

(geoff faulkner) #13

Hi James, thanks for that. I am of course assured about the lack of censorship. Thank you.

Just changing tack ever so slightly, I said I did not see my post go live and I have just looked through my trash folders for 6, 7 & 8 October and on each day I received one batch email fron SFN and my post does not appear in any of them. Can anyone please tell me what date & time the email went out so I can figure out what problem I have at my end. I am sure I must have a problem her because this is not the first time I have not seen a post of mine go live.

Thanks for your patience.



(John Brian) #14

That’s good as I was sure that I’d read it on SFN.

(geoff faulkner) #15

Thanks Catharine for clarifying.



(James Higginson) #16

Actually Geoff, don't post it again, it's here


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Hope that clears up the censorship question?



(John Withall) #17

Saw it, read it, made no comment on it.

(David Rosemont) #18

Now you're getting into gerbil territory...about as dangerous as bankers, austerity or (in)credibility

(James Higginson) #19

New forum posts go live as soon as you hit the button Geoff. Please post again!

(Peter Bird) #20

Yes, well that would be more acceptable to the 'Four Fs' society (Friends of the French Ferret Federation).

Can't beat a nice ferret down the trousers..