Cepes etc - favourite recipes?

Yesterday I was given a bag of “cepes”… around here, they seem to call everything “cepes”…anyway, these things were big. By the time I had cleaned them and removed anything I was not sure about… I still had a good pile left. yippee… checked Google and found this recipe.

The chef is using little-chaps… unlike my big-boys… but it made no difference, the finished dish was absolutely delicious.

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Poulet de Bresse with vin jaune and morels.
For special occasions only.

Jane… do you have a link to a cookbook or a recipe/video perhaps… ???

One of my very favourite chefs… Antonio Carluccio


I usually use the Paul Bocuse recipe.
I have frozen morels which I will substitute and I already have the vin jaune.
I have decided to do this for Christmas rather than bone out the guinea fowl, which is my really favourite re ipe.

It is a classic dish, so googling it should work.