Ceramic art/pottery: cool work, interesting art studios

I have a plan to find a place to live and do art in France, within the next few years. Currently I seek to network and travel to as many ceramic arts centres as I can over the next couple of years. Ultimately, I need to find a studio where I can make clay sculpture and do raku firings. I might sell my work but mostly I seek a place to make art, as I luckily have an independent income at present so don’t have to sell my work to survive.

A first stop is La Borne. I can provide some comments about my experience after my visit. It would be great to hear from anyone who’s already visited the ceramics center there.

Currently, I do a lot of volunteer work for art teachers here in Vermont USA, and would love to support the arts community in which I eventually settle in France.

Have you seen interesting work in clay, pottery, ceramics in France?

If so, would you mention the name of the artist, and/or the name of the studio or gallery in which you saw it? Would you perhaps mention where you saw it, what region of France, what commune or other info about the location. If there’s a website for the artist, or for the art center or whatnot, would you mind including it in your reply?

Do you know of anyone who takes on apprentices or who could use a studio assistant? Do you know where such opportunities are advertized?

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I just found a lot of info, including a schedule for 2017 at this URL: http://www.collectif-ceramistes.org/pages/calendrier-des-marches-potiers.html