CERFA form for car or not?

Hi all Please can someone advise me? I move to France on Sept 21st but staying two weeks in the Drome before the house in Issac is vacated. I intend to buy a replacement car - a plug-in hybrid - from a local French dealer once we are in the new house. My partner will drive my old car back to the UK when he has to return towards the end of October. Do I need to submit a form to customs when I go via Eurotunnel on Sept 21st?
Thanks in advance

UK regn presumably? under what arrangement was the car brought into France?

I shall be driving out in it on Sept 21st to the Drome. Our house contents are being out into storage and then taken to new house on Oct 5th when we complete on French house.

So really the car is just coming out for 6 weeks or so? Is that Issac in 24?

Yes, that’s right to both questions.

I can’t see you’d need to declare it as you aren’t importing it.

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