Cerfa forms. Why am I such a pushover?

I’ve spent many a long hour recently, researching the requirements for moving to France lock, stock and barrel. Because of this, a guy I work with seems to think I’m the font of all knowledge. This is clearly not true, otherwise I wouldn’t have to keep pestering you guys.
He also has a property in France and he wants to take some flat packed kitchen units when he visits next month. I have previously found a website with a list of all the Cerfa forms on it, but because I didn’t make a note of it and I have the memory span of a goldfish, now I can’t find it.
Can anyone tell me where I can find this list, or which form he needs to declare his kitchen units? He will be taking tools with him, but he’ll be bringing those back, so I’m assuming he doesn’t have to do anything about those.

Because I am a pushover, here itis