Cert. Ed question again

I know something similar has already been asked but maybe someone can offer me information more specific to my needs, I hope.

My Better Half has a Cert Ed(3 years at TT College and done prior to his B.Sc) from the days when the B.Ed was only just starting and not too highly thought of in college circles. We both work for the local perischolaire garderie before and after school. Although my B.Ed means I am ‘qualified’ to do this my husband (with over 11 years more experience teaching and having been a Head of Department in the UK) has been told that he is ‘unqualified’. This doesn’t cause us any problems but the area is having seriously difficult problems in finding qualified people to do the job and life for them would be much easier if they would recognise his qualifications. Has anyone else managed to get their Cert.Ed recognised (for garderie NOT teaching) and if so how and who do we talk to?

I can only tell you what my daughter’s experience in France has been.She came to France six years ago when I moved.She has an Arts BA and did a six month TEFL course at the local College in England.After living here for a year she managed to get some hours working at a language school in a city near us.She did not have a contract but got very useful experience teaching adults from industry and the professions.After three years she applied to teach at her local university and was interviewed and taken on.Her position now is that she does have a contract and teaches English across all the departments of the university,as it is a required part of all French university courses to do a module of English.The schools are much harder to teach in as the French tend to employ only French graduates and nearly all the English language teaching in schools is done by non native teachers.My advice would be to get any experience possible and then net work go on line and definately try local universities as they do like to have native speakers.You will need to have a first degree from the UK for them to be interested and a reasonable level of French just to deal with day to day administration. Muta Dickenson


My suggestion would be to check out the NARIC site here in France. It’s an official [one in each EU country I think. The UK has a NARIC site too] site for the organisation which evaluates all qualifications and degrees and sorts out equivalency. Briefly: you send off copies of all your qualifications–if they’re in English that’s fine no need for certified translations as far as I’m aware-- and there is a fee. Last time I looked it was €70.00.

NARIC site in English: www.ciep.fr/en/enic-naricfr/index.php

Good luck