Certificat d'Immatriculation + Controle Technique for American who can't access their car!

Hello - We purchased a French used car January, 2019 which is currently parked at an outbuilding at our house in the Charente-Maritime, which of course we can’t access because Americans aren’t allowed into France at this time. Our “registration” (at least that’s what we call it) appears to expire July 29, 2020. If I understand the system correctly, I need to re-register the vehicle (not sure what the term for this is in French) and do a controle technique (which clearly I won’t be able to) on the vehicle. Can I pay for the registration online? What happens if I can’t get there to do a controle technique for months after the deadline? Help. I can do virtually everything else from California online (pay the EDF bill, pay the RESE bill, check our bank account, pay insurance for house and car online, etc.) but I don’t know how to manage the car situation. All assistance appreciated! Kimberly

A French car doesn’t have an annual registration, you pay once when it is first registered in your name. Insurance is annual. I often pay my insurance premiums online.
There’s nothing you can do about the CT you will have to book one online for the first day or so when you next visit France.
Re-reading your post are you mixing up re-registering and the date of the next due CT that is displayed on the vignette on the windscreen?

I, too, was wondering if you are thinking you have 1 year to register the car in your name …???

If that is your worry… don’t worry. :relaxed: :wink:

but do check that your car insurance continues… very important, even if the car is not being used.

Other than the Ins… you can sort the rest when you get over here.

As I say… don’t worry. :wink:

A French used car has to be registered within a month. Where did a year come from?

Hello - many thanks for responding, I stayed up late in hopes of hearing something. We’re 9 hours behind in California. I’m asking questions based on what is required here - I apologize for creating confusion. In California you must re-register your car every year, and display a tag on your car showing this. It is separate from insurance, which is of course also required. We also have to have our cars checked (similar to a controle technique) every 2 years, as part of the the re-registration process.

When we purchased the French car in Jan 2019, we got insurance (which we have kept up) and got a certificat d’immatriculation. But the certificat we have shows an expiration date of July 29, 2020. Doesn’t that mean we have to re-register (get a new certificat d’immatriculation) AND get a contrôle technique? Here if you drive with an expired registration EVERYONE can see it, especially the police and you will get a major fine and a point on your driver’s license (which makes your auto insurance more expensive for 4 years). So it is definitely something to avoid.

I’m just not informed on what the requirements are in France. Thanks.

The next CT date is shown on the CG. I repeat there is no annual road tax.
I own a car that was first registered in California. :slight_smile: Just over 89 years ago.

Thank you, David, what a relief. My husband and I were pretty worried about this. We did not anticipate not being able to return to our house this summer. In your opinion, is the contrôle technique critical enough that we should take our wonderful neighbors up on their offer to do it for us? Or can it wait until we are allowed to return (sadly, not sure when that will be)?

Thank you, I feel much more informed on the requirements and the process. I really appreciate your time and assistance.

I’m just hoping we are allowed to return to France sometime soon.

Thank you, Stella!