Certificate de conformite gaz

Hello, I hope someone might be able to help? We are renovating an old house, we have town gas, the connection is ready outside, and we have just installed a new condensing gas boiler, flue and radiators and we are waiting for Qualigaz to come and inspect on Thursday. My husband is an experienced plumber but isn’t qualified here in France.

We have received the certificate de conformite from Qualigaz and need to fill in the description of works sections before the inspection but there are a few words that I don’t understand.

Basically before I put them all down here, has anyone got experience of filling in one of these certificates and might be able/willing to help me with it please?

Thanks very much!


Hi Stve, I am sorry but we don’t know anyone who can service it. We will however, be looking for a service engineer soon (our boiler will be one year old at the end of January) and will definitely let you know if we find one.

All the best


Hi on the back of your post do you happen to know of anyone who could service my Worcester Bosch condensing boiler I am based near Toulouse. Thanks in anticipation, Steve.

Well done. Worcester Bosch is a good product. My company fitted probably thousands of 'em when I was in business. Enjoy your meal:-)

Just to update everyone, we have just had the gas boiler installation inspected by a technician from Qualigaz and he has passed it! We are very relieved because we took a big chance and bought our Worcester Bosch condensation gas boiler in the UK and had it shipped over here. My husband did all the installation himself (he does all our plumbing and electrical work)and as you know we filled out the certificate ourselves.

The main thing the technician looked for on the boiler was the ce mark to show that the boiler can be used in France. He also did a pressure test on the gas line and asked about the flue.

We have saved ourselves around 3,000€ by doing it this way and are just off out for a meal to celebrate.

Thanks for your help with the certificate.


Thanks Vic, that’s really useful information. We don’t have one.

Our flue is a balanced one.

VMC is a central house ventilation system. The reason the question is asked is certainly because a VMC could induce a negative pressure in a boiler flue & thus pull poisonous gasses into the house. As you have a condensing boiler this will certainly have a balanced or fan assisted flue system & this cannot occur as the boiler is "room sealed" & takes its combustion air from outside in the same place it discharges the burnt flue gasses. I haven't read the form but I'm sure if you simply answer if you have a VMC or not it will not be a problem.

Thanks Marie,that’s cleared it up for me! I’ll ask my John when he gets back if our boiler uses this!

It’s a minefield for me!


Hi Jane, Here's what a VMC is , hope this link helps

http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ventilation_mécanique_contrôlée sorry it doesn't want to let me put the full link in , so you will be better just typing Ventilation mecanique controlée into the browser

We hadn’t David, I’ve just downloaded it, thanks very much for your help.

We will have to ask the technician for help with the pression de service as we don’t have a pressure tester.

The main translation I need is for VMC. We have installed a condensation boiler with a vertical flue and I have no idea what a VMC is!


Have you also downloaded the guide to filling it in?


Looks reasonably straight forward what are you struggling with?