Certificate d'immatriculation

So, just bought a new car in Le Var. While new for me anyway. Only took 6 weeks to get the release forms from the bank but hey, no big deal just means I was driving around in someone else’s car for 6 weeks. Anyway, armed with all the correct paperwork finally and it’s down to the office d’la Marie. Yes all the paperwork is correct but you cannot do it here anymore. Alright, where then? Out with a listing of approved auto garages who now issue the new certificate. Strange I thought, outsourcing government paperwork to private garages but perhaps this is the new efficient France we’ve been waiting for!

3 garages on the list later all with the same response, no you cannot do this here, you must go to the local Marie. Anyone else come across this yet? Tomorrows plan is Cartegrise online .com. Seems like the logical solution. Someone else who can misplace the paperwork for another 6 weeks perhaps?

Some days are more fun than others in France.


Hi all. I went to the Mairie, who took all the paperwork and cheque from me and sent it off somewhere. This included change of ownership and the car had to be re-registered in my département. When I changed address, I used one of the on-line ones, and the price varies. I found one who would do it for €25 which I figured was easier than taking a whole day off to go intothe Prefecture in Carcassonne. However, if you live near to your Prefecture, it is probably easier to go there. Do check what hours they have for doing this - we found when replacing our Irish driving licences with French ones that this service is only available in the mornings.

always been the préfecture not the maire (but some forwarded the paperwork to the préfecture for you). Carte grise always was préfecture or sous-préfecture and as far as I know it still is the case. I've bought and sold several cars under the old and the new scheme. The difference with the new scheme is that it is no longer the préfecture that issues the carte grise but the national centre in Sedan or charleville-mézières or some other town way up there in the ardennes...!

Ummmmmm.................... thought you had to use the Préfecture not the mairie...................On line will probably generate extra costs