Certificate of B1 level in French

I have an attestation from a French university stating I took a course on the French language and achieved the level of B1 according to CERL. Is this usable in my application for citizenship or do I have to take the TEF/TCF?

Is it an attestation or a diploma? In general attestations only last for a couple of years, whilst diplomas (like DELF/DALF) are for life. You need to check the status of this particular one.

It is really an attestation, it was issued about 15 months ago. The french governmental website says your certification needs to be less than 2 years old so it’s fine in that regard.

Sounds good to go then - unless perhaps from a non-licenced University of nowheresville.

Anyway, the worst that will happen is that your dossier gets sent back and you have to take another test.