Certificate of Change of Residence -

We moved to France on 01-Dec-20 and have applied for a residency permit under the Withdrawal Agreement. We are about to complete the sale of our property in the UK and the removals firm are saying that we will need a Certificate of Change of Residence to get through customs - my understanding is that this is only required if you are a French citizen and are registered with the French Embassy in the UK.
I thought that I’d pose the question as there must be many people in a similar situation and I wondered if this was the norm, and if so, if there was a solution.
Thanks for any help

I think this is another Brexit dividend. You are no longer moving within Europe!!

So for international moves you need…

Vous devrez fournir au service des douanes :

  • un document justifiant le changement de résidence (passeport, titre de propriété ou de location, attestation de changement de résidence établie par le consulat, lettre de mutation de votre employeur, contrat de travail)

  • une attestation du bailleur, ou une attestation de l’autorité municipale (à défaut, une déclaration sur l’honneur)

  • un inventaire des biens transférés en double exemplaire, détaillé, estimatif, daté, paginé et signé.

So think you need to contact the consulate! And start working on your inventory

Importing your Household goods to France

If you are moving to France from a country situated outside of the EU, you can import your household goods duty free. You will need to provide a detailed inventory showing the value of your goods in euros, and you should have a receipt for goods less than 6 months old. You may need to get a certificate from the French Embassy in your country of residence, or a work visa or other document stating that you are taking up residence in France.

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That brings back a vague memory Yogesh. I think back in 1981 when we first moved here we needed something similar to stop our furniture and personal possessions being hit with VAT, import duties, etc. It was a company transfer so I think they handled all that with the removal company in the end. Ask the removals firm who should supply the certificate.

Yes, that’s the stuff Jane.

This means you have some sort of address in France that you can show as your ‘justifiant’

Easy enough to do

This needs to be really detailed, when we moved back from oz we had to list every item (If there were 10 tshirts in the box i didn’t list all 10, just wrote tshirts) for the douane. most of our stuff was old and not worth much (didn’t bring furniture or anything)- I estimated on what it would cost to replace at a vide grenier or on le Bon Coin.

Thanks very much everyone. Yes, a Brexit legacy I see.
Anyway, I have taken the suggestions on board and communicated this to the Removals company and I have also written to the French embassy in London to see if they are willing to give us a certificate of residence.