Certificate of Change of Residence


We have shipped our stuff over from Australia to France.

My husband and I both have British passports.

They are after a Certificate of Change of Residence.

Has anyone been in a similar situation coming from Australia with a British passport and needing to get this certificate.

Any help would be appreciated.



Elaine, Funny that. I turned up at the Mairie to announce that I had been resident in Perpignan for over three months, and wanted to register. I was told that it was unnecessary, and I need not do anything!

I feel on firmer ground, now that I have married in Perpignan...

Hi Jo
My partner and I are both Aussies with dual British nationality. We’ve been here permenantly for about 18 months , but not been asked for a certificate of change of residence. We’ve been asked.for electricity / utility type bills etc on occasion for applying driving licences/ carte vital business type stuff etc but not a residency certificate.?welcome to France

If you are reluctant to call you can visit our website www.nmeurope.com


Please feel free to give me a call on 06 12 11 17 29. I deal with this on a daily basis but it's too complicated to explain properly by message. Don't worry I'll not charge you for the advice :)

Andrew Smith

Not from Australia but you can register your residence by going to your local mairie. There’s a form to fill in (just ask for a copy for your records). Don’t forget to take your passports.