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Hello everyone,i am a new member,i was reading the thread about the driving licence fiasco,i too am in the process of trying to exchange and have a question-Does anybody know if there is a charge for the Certificate of Entitlement or D737(can,t decipher if they are one of the same) from the DVLA that is now required by ANTS.I have seen on one of the web pages that there is a £5 charge but can,t get any confirmation from anywhere,it goes without saying that it is still impossible to speak to anyone,thanks for any info.

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In answer to your question - no they are not the same but there is no charge for either.
ANTS said initially that they needed a D737 (which is hard to get) but they now accept the certificate (which you can download from DVLA)

The certificate of entitlement is D737.

Sorry Peter - I thought the D737 was the one you have to ring up the DVLA for. ANTS certainly accepted the thing I downloaded from the DVLA site!

Try here >>

AHA! What I should have said then (thanks Peter) is that ANTS now accept the Check Code, which you can download, rather than the D737 that you have to send off for! Sorry about that…

I thought the certificate with the check code was a D737 but it does not have it anywhere on the document :slight_smile: My mistake, apologies.

Between us, we’re doing well with the nomenclature, Peter :smiley: We agree on the principle though, by the sound of it and the OP just needs to download the check code and not faff about with the unrewarding job of trying to get DVLA to answer the phone…

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Thanks for replies,will give it a go.

@PeterJ and @AngelaR

The Certificate of Entitlement is form number D737.
The French have agreed, if you have access to it not everyone does, that they will accept the DVLA Check Code, which is why it’s called D737 also.

So you have :
D737 Check Code (pdf download) or
D737 Certificate (telephone call to DVLA).

Hope that helps.


That’s very clear @kim - thank you!

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