Cessation, help with form please,

We are, unfortunately, returning to the UK at the end of this month.
I therefore need to close down my microentrpreneur business.
I am on the for where it asks for address for correspondence. Ticked the box which asks if this is “etranger” and put my new English address, but it will not accept a post code with letters in it! Any ideas, anyone please?

Letters would appear to be the problem - after all, French postcodes don’t have them.

Could be tricky if it insists on a postcode, if not just include the UK postcode in a field which accepts text and, ideally, is the last line in the address.


Yes, Paul, I paid insufficient attention to the question, and I think your suggestion is a good one.

If the postcode box insists on being filled it may be worth trying 5 random numbers, just to satisfy the needs of the bot.

I’d probably go with 00000

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Hi Valerie…is there anywhere it asks which country?

If I am arranging delivery of something in UK…So often I go potty then notice a small thingy which lets me tell the machine that I am talking about UK…then suddenly all sorts of opportunities are available.

Yes, it has a box to tick if it is “etrangere” and then asks you which country. I selected “Royaume-unis” in the drop down box.
Anyway, I followed the 00000 suggestion (thank you) and that worked, now I just can’t get back in to add my identity document!

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