CFE and closing down AE

I suspect as I have been salaried since Sept 2013, my AE will probably shutdown automatically after the January declararation (two years with zero to report on the AE).

However as we are now liable for CFE, would I be best closing down the AE (Radiation)? If I don't is CFE like tax habitation where by you are liable for it, even if you shut down 2 January?

Anyone had exepercience in 'basculing' from RSI to CPAM? I know the government has said they wish to make the process painless. However I will suspect there are those at CPAM waiting to get their last 'computer says no' digs in.

What happens with my Carte Vitale? Will I have one? Will I be stuck with Feuils de Soins for 18 months?

Well I will leave it. I have the AR filed away and if they say any thing I have that to show them.

Hi Tim - same experience here (tho' declared in November). I had assumed all was sorted / finished but these posts have reminded me that this is France and surely it can't be that simples! Suppose I will follow the old adage " if it ain't broke.." until I hear otherwise.

Well stuff sent off back in December. Sent AR (bien sûr) but no reply from anyone.

Just did the Q4 declaration (of 0) and nothing noted in my inbox there.

CV still working thus far as is La Ram.

Hi Cherie - not sure I am the best person to ask as I am very much feeling my way through the system. Personally, I just "radiated" online ( via Net Entreprises) and they notify the relevant parties (that's the theory anyhow). I never registered with the chambre metiers so can't help you there. As for the Carte Vitale - still working ok ( I believe you get a year's grace) but it is on my "to do" list to contact RAM / RSI to see how I get it changed back to CPAM. Sorry I couldn't be more help. I'm sure there are far more experienced people on this forum who can help.

Hi i wondered how you have got on with closing down your AE, Can you tell me how it has affected your carte vitel , we are with rsi so need to transfer to cpam, how did you manage to do it, do i need to close the AE with chambre metiers or else where ? Do i need to go to the tax office any help would be good thanks

Hi Tim.

I have just closed down my AE status (stopped working as AE at end of October this year.). Ref the CFE tax bill, I contacted the local tax office and they are knocking off two months (pro rata) from my bill so it may well be worth you doing your "Radiation" asap - I believe you can put in the date when you stopped working as AE - not sure how far back you can back-date - but might save you a bit of dosh. As for the RSI - CPAM, can't help as I am in the same boat - will be looking into this during the Christmas hols!

I can’t really help Tim apart from saying that my AE status was cancelled earlier this year due to lack of revenue (I only really set it up as a vehicle to get a CV for my wife and I but events overtook that plan) and I received a letter recently from the Impots tellimg me that due to lack of revenue this year, as last year, I have no tax d’hab to pay, apart from the normal that is.