Hi everyone

I have been trying to register my bank details on the government site for paying the CFE-IFER returns and it won’t accept the Iban numbers I have from my bank these are the same numbers that work ok on the auto entrepreneurs site. I have contacted the bank and am waiting a reply at the momemt.

Has anyone else had this problem.

Any help appreciated


I have only managed the first step, for setting up the account, but cannot get it activated! However when I scrolled down the information it did state that the site was having technical problems ....

Many thanks Brian

OK William, easy since I have had dealings with them face to face. Centre des Finances Publiques de Bergerac, 6 rue du Docteur Simounet, right in the centre of town. Micheline Hamm is in charge of these issues, try to see her.

Do not take her my greetings, blessings or any other form of nicety though ;-)

Thanks for the reply Brian its just a mess as usual.


Thanks for the reply Delia

I have had the activation code from them and can get into the site but it keeps asking for a key for the iban number. The only key number on the info from the bank is the one I have used on the auto site but this one doesnt like it.

Which local tax office is it Tresore public or the one in SIE bergerac.



Your local tax office might help. Mine let me pay by cheque and gave me an authorisation code to enter on the site.

No, but the whole thing is a farce. We received our notification to pay by 15 December after that date, then both of us needed to email them for them to send out the access code by post which with Christmas in the way took about 10 days. Then the site was not working properly, etc, etc. I eventually paid on 14 January, have my electronic receipt and bank statement showing payment, my OH was a bit later than me. We have both since had letters late last week telling us that we have not paid and that action will be taken against us if we do not do something about it. I shall ignore that. If they try anything I shall simply let them have the two documents to show I have paid, plus printouts of my mail to the Bergerac finance office and their reply to me about the difficulties. We have already seen comments about the CFE late last year and somehow I feel there are going to be numerous stories like my own or equally silly on this thread.