CFE payments - why can't I pay cash at the Tresor Public?

I am trying to pay my CFE tax but am being told that this can ONLY be paid online.

I do not like automatic payments as when they fall due I might not have enough money in the account to cover them & I do not have any control as to the amount taken.

This year my CFE is 121 euros but next year this government could charge much more AND take it from my account without notice!!

Just whose bank account is it? I have the right to control my own account & can offer to pay my tax in any legal form, surely?

Though I hate the term, is this not an infringement of my human rights?

I paid a fair bit earlier than that and my money has still not been drawn, so perhaps they take it at the end of the month or something like that.

Well I paid online in the same manner, had a receipt issued and also printed out an IBAN form for declaration of proof of the same which I put into the bank with a covering letter. As of today's date the money has not been drawn but I have a receipt for the 14th so tough on them not me. My CFE form said I had to pay online.

I must admit that I have not tried to pay at the office but I have been told by other AEs that it was not possible.

Thanks to you guys I have actually taken the time to go online & look for myself. I should know better than to listen to the local expats! I was able to pay online without any bother or direct debit papers, just a simple one-off bank transfer!

Interesting that some tresor public offices will take paynents & it does say on the form that payment can be made at the regional office. I wonder where all the scare stories came from?

I usually only react to things which I have personally experienced - this will learn me, huh!

Thanks for the tips, guys!

Apparently not after today. (Well, as of 1 January, but the CFE deadline is today)

Can you not pay by card then, over the phone or at the tax office, I am new to all this.

Cash - no. Money laundering and the strong possibility that someone will just pocket your money.

Yes, this year and by the end of today only but after this time it is electronic only which is what my OH is not happy about and only reluctantly did on Saturday.

This very nearly happened to me this year. I got a letter from the bank telling me that unless I paid the tax fonciere by such and such a date the government would take the money from my account. But, they pointed out that it is also law that "whoever" can only take an amount that leaves you with 500 euros. They deem that to be the minimum amount you can live on for a month???

In summary.....I believe the government has to give you notice as to the amount and the date required. As for the idea....but I'm with credit mutuel and they chose to?

It all had a happy ending. I paid the bill ;o) I was holding out for a "fiche de valuation" which I was told I was entitled to. Apparently not???

Mark, you can pay by cheque,I did it last Thursday.

Have you been to your bank to get the charge reversed? They won't do anything unless you moan, groan and threaten to go elsewhere….

My OH asked the same. She has resisted so far with URSSAF and so on but now she is forced by the rules to cough up virtually. However, her point extended to a friend who refuses to have a computer in her house and how she resolves it. The advice she was given was that she should go to a family member, neighbour or friend and have them help to do it! The arrogance of saying that is stunning. Moreover, what happens to people who for one reason or another have been forced to close their bank account or are seriously in unresolvable debt with them? They are obliged to pay charges and taxes irrespective of their financial state but do not necessarily have an account out of which it can be paid. Family, friends or neighbours by giving THEIR bank details? I should cocoa! I pay that way irrespective and have done for years and have no issue with it but in a fair world there is also choice, or am I living in another world?