I'm an AE and I started up in 2012. Am I right in thinking that I do not have to pay the CFE tax until December of this year?

Thanks for any advice.

Hi Louise. I registered in 2013. I received a CFE bill last year but after challenging it, got it annuled. However, I am liable for this year, so basically I got a year cfe "free". I know that you used to get longer exemptions but it is something that seems to change with the weather and as with everything here in France, it is always worth questioning - you never know! Good luck. I have decided to give up AE status atvthe end of this year as it simply isn't financially valid for me.

Yes that's what I thought. I think they have now abolished the exemption.

As you registered in 2012, you should be exempt for three fiscal years so 2015 should be the first year you are liable. I don't think the exemption applies to AEs recently registered though.