Chalet for sale

I have a beautiful 4x5m Nordic pine chalet for sale with 2 double windows (138 x 105cm) one to the front and one to the side and a door to the front (1.85 x 192cm).
The roof space is insulated with 4 layers - waterproof coating, fibre glass, wood panels and the roof itself is made of thick corrugated black fibre panels.
It was supplied by the Chalet de Jardin with the help of 2 workmen to help assemble it and finish it with 2 coats of a beautiful microporous and waterproof ‘window grey’ paint, both inside and out.
Unfortunately, I recently discovered that as I live on a heritage site, I have to dismantle it (deemed illegal in size and style). Naturally I’m devastated as it cost me around 10,000 euros with all the accessories and electrical wiring. I wanted my family to stay there during their holidays, as well as to store my garden furniture.
Therefore, I need to find a buyer(s) who can disassemble and remove it (at least 2 people and a trailer) and hopefully re-erect it in a suitable garden.
Obviously, I should like to recoup some of the funds I’ve spent by selling it and am asking for 4,500 euros (less than half what I paid for it) in order to build a much smaller abri de jardin which is acceptable to the Mairie!

Edit: (moderator) - this has now sold, see the end of the thread.

Perhaps say roughly where you are?

Hi Tanya, can you confirm this is now sold?

Yes, thanks. Why, were you interested, or are you part of the team to have to sanction this?


I’ll close the thread rather than delete the posts, but if it is clearly stated here that the items are sold (I’ll probably edit the first post as well) you shouldn’t get further enquiries.