Chalk paint

i am after chalk paint in france please

Annie Sloan paints are available at various locations,

thank you the nearest is eymet which is 1.30hrs away but thanks

I had an awful problem getting hold of Annie Sloan paint. I contacted my nearest stockist in Saone et Loire which was over an hour away cross country to ask if they would be open on the day I wanted to go and they confirmed they would be open.

I went with a friend and we had lunch before they opened. We went to the shop and it was closed and the opening hours painted on the shop window were different from those on the website. I called both 'phone numbers painted on the shop window without success. We did not hang about as it started to snow and we drove home through a blizzard.

I contacted Annie Sloan in UK who passed me onto their chief person in France. I gave her my order and details and she said that she would contact the shop. I waited for ten days and nothing happened. I would also have to send a cheque or bank draft to pay for the items as they did not take cards.

I again contacted UK who were most helpful. They took my order and said they would pay the postage. Eventually I received it free of charge from UK because it turned out that the shop had been shut for three days because they were opening another shop in a different town and they could not open both at the same time. They must have known this at the time I called.

At the time I asked the owner of an adjoining shop and she said that they did not keep to the opening times in any case. The head of Annie Sloan in France told me that the shop was sometimes open until 8 in the evening, which is a great deal of use if you have a cross country drive in winter.

I discovered that Annie Sloan now only gives exclusive agencies to its stockists, so you are likely to find it in interior design outlets and not people who understand paint and have more normal opening hours.

In UK we lived near Stroud and used Bailey Paints who were an Aladdin's cave of paint and advice.

Would it were the same here in France!

We couldn't have had a more different experience at Couleurs de Vie 16200. They made us coffee on arrival, and showed us some of the furniture they'd been renovating in their showroom. We weren't really sure what colour we wanted to paint some of our bedroom furniture, so they went through all the charts, finishes etc. It was useful to see the painting they'd done in their kitchen to see what can be done if you are really competent! Anyway, we got what we wanted and are very pleased with the result.

As you say, they don't take bank cards so it's cash or cheques only.

unfotunately i am in 47600 We sell a fabulous range of chalk paint in France along with primers and finishes, WoodUbend mouldings for furniture re-looking and Cling on Brushes.

La Belle Maison in Allemans du Dropt 47800 stock the excellent Fusion chalk paint and the owner Bev Hindle is very helpful and knowledgeable.

I have also just ordered some Frenchic paint on-line from not used it yet but it’s supposed to be some sort of miracle paint! They have a FB page which has lots of information and ideas.

If you have a branch of Action nearby they often sell chalk paint.

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Looks like a rathet old topic to me but just for the record we sell Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Fusion mineral paint as well as Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint. You can order on line or visit us in store. (We do accept cards and are prices are very competitive).
La Deuxième Chance.
7 rue de la Croix Cholette
Bois de Messé
Tel 05 49 27 12 62

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At a fraction of the price!

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