Challenge for January - FETISH

(Paula Jayne Butterworth) #1

here goes fellow toggers

this is a little risque but I would like to keep it a little clean -

This months theme is .....


lets see what you can do


(john hope-falkner) #2

Bit late for the January Challenge - and not as raunchy as it should be - but one of my things is tribal art…

A basket and a couple of fetish statues from the Lobi people of Burkina Faso.

Now how clean was that?

(Lynn Ure) #3

Stu’s contraption…It’s an ‘’‘OXYMORON’’’ clean…but…f i l t h y!!!

(Paula Jayne Butterworth) #4

Great shot



(Stuart Wilson) #5

Brilliant…erm Chef

(Stuart Wilson) #6

Yes I took the photo, and yes I made the contraption…

(Paula Jayne Butterworth) #7

love it stuart but errrrrr what is it and did you take the picture

(Paula Jayne Butterworth) #8

well it can be yours but just say its one you heard about lol

its could also be a guilty pleasure ~<3


(Stuart Wilson) #9

Trust me to have the first fetish

(Suzi Callow) #10

DDoes it have to be our own fetish or just one we have heard about - dont want to admit to too much…!