CHAM gas boiler contracts

Any experience with CHAM? We needed our boiler seviced but CHAM would not come until we signed a Contract and paid for it so we did. When the chap came he wouldn’t touch it said ‘dangerous asbestos’ so we paid CHAM nearly 4000 for a new condenser BUT never did get our money back! Do we HAVE to sign a contract before we can get a Service? I know it’s the law but I hear so many can’t afford the Service (CHAM quote 400) people are never prosecuted.

So, the contract now exists? Why do you now want your money back :thinking: image

ah! forgot to say - we asked for our dosh to be deducted against the next service - answer came there none - the contract is still there but we haven’t acted on it - I want the boiler serviced but am not comfortable with Contracts