Chances of finding a short term tenant?

Hello, I have a question regarding letting an unfurnished property in France. I am aware that unfurnished rentals must be a 3 year term, but I am thinking of renting shorter term (basically as a temporary solution) to someone planning a move to France. I know I would need to sign a 3 year contract, and the tenant then has the right to terminate the contract at any time, which would be fine with me, but would like to keep the house occupied whilst putting it on the market. Any advice please, on whether this would be viable (given that the house has been rented out for 8 years previously, to a succession of tenants, who tend to stay an average of 2 years and move on) The house is very easy to let out, and has never been vacant over the past 8 years, except maybe for one month in between tenants. It is is a sought after area for rentals, in a town. Thank you.

Might it not be easier all round to buy a few basics from leboncoin and rent it meubleé? That could look better for the viewings too.

HI, Linda when you put your property for sale you must declare that it has got a sitting tenant which I do not think will help your sale.

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Linda an option might be a guardian over renting. you wont get an income but it does not stop the sale of a property. the 3 year rental would stop anyone moving in for 3 years until the tenancy was up.

We had this on a premises we rented but we departed so they could sell the premises. we would have stayed another year and it would have made the sale fall through.

Basic Furnished accommodation… maximum 12 month lease… send by Post notice-to-quit letter to arrive 3 months before the 12 months are up. (Must have proof the tenant received the notice letter with at least 3 months to re-organise their living arrangements.)

Make sure the lease ends in summer not winter, as there is a closed period when you cannot turf someone out into the snow (that sort of thing).

These are some basic guidelines that might help you to avoid the mess/horror that so many of us (yes, me too) have experienced with Tenants.

If you do not get the Tenant out by the end of the 12 months… the Tenant can make life very difficult for you… and any would-be purchaser. Plus, the state of the property… well… that brings back ghastly memories… :sob:

This discussion covers a question I’ve been pondering. If I may ask a slightly different question: I’ve been wondering about penalties to tenant, despite the right to terminate the 3-year contract… Does the tenant lose anything if he/she terminates after only one year?

Provided you give the correct amount of notice (timescale) you will not be penalised.

Frankly… contracts are weighted towards the Tenant and not the Owner… your contract should tell you how much notice and when to give it… have no fear.

Hi Linda,

Had you found a tenant yet, short-term? If not, I wonder if I could learn a bit more about it.