Chandeleur...where will your pancake land?

Well, tomorrow (2nd Feb) is Chandeleur… According to our neighbours…you should toss a pancake in its pan, whilst clutching a piece of gold in the other hand… depending on where the pancake lands… you can judge your good fortune for the year ahead… so go to it everybody… let’s get those pancakes up in the air…

I’ve posted this a day ahead, so we can all make sure we have sufficient supplies… no excuses now… surely we all need some good luck :relaxed:

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Stella, I have already had my good luck. I will be able to continue watching tennis on the tv as the dispute between providers has been settled.

That’s great news…

why not have a go with a pancake anyway…(belt and braces)… and if you invite friends round, it can make a really fun evening…:relaxed:

Stella, Unfortunately I am recovering from a virus which has left me extremely tired, so no pancake party for me.

I’m not crazy about pancakes, and redecoration of the kitchen ceiling isn’t on the agenda at the moment!..:slight_smile:

Hi Jane… there’s been a lot around… hope you are fully recovered soon…