Change in retirement age effecting women born after April 1951

Has anyone been adversely effected but the change in the age at which you collect your state pension?

If any of you would like to get updates on the campaign or just need a place to chat with those in a similar position please visit my facebook page - 1950s Ladies in France' There will be a 2nd debate on the transitional arrangements on Feb 1st which will be live on UK Parliament TV. I believe it is scheduled for 4.30 p.m. uk time.

Thank you. If you like politics you may enjoy the debate on thursday morning . It's in the main chamber from sometime after 9.30. We've all been treated badly by successive governments.

Thanks Sue, my comments were really addressed to Sue Young at the time, given her comment a little below yours!

Yes I do have a UK State Pension, because I worked from 16 to 60 in the UK, my statutory years including some Home Responsibilities to cover necessary part time hours. with only 3-4 yrs off for me to have children, And be home for them in the holidays, so I worked at a school as a dinner lady, plus washing up in a restaurant some evenings. then back to working both part and/or full time. 60 was my retirement age at the time having worked all my life paying for it. I’m 68 now, with no knowledge that my pension amount would be frozen soon. If I’d been told at age 55 say, I’d have to work till I was 65, I wouldn’t have liked it but I’d have done. In other words I suppose, I would have put up and shut up.

There are no choices or options these days for yours or my generation either. Our campaign here about the WFA was conducted on and aimed at SFN members. But like so many things these days, most people take the attitude if it doesn’t concern or interest them, then they don’t get involved. Me I’m interested in politics!

I do hope you get somewhere with your campaign though but sadly I fear you wont because it will get about as much response from the Gov as ours did. it’s about lobbying the UK politicians, but most are not interested in expat concerns!

I wish you luck.

Sorry, I didn't know anything about your campaign but would have supported it if I had. At least you have a pension - I am 59 years old and now have to wait another 6 and a half years for mine. Sorry if you don't feel able to support us but please continue to enjoy your pension, whatever it is it has to be better than nothing.

Just happened across this discussion today.

Well at least ladies it looks like many, if not all of you have got plenty of years notice of your new retirement ages, more than was given to already retired ex-pats from the UK Sue Young - and already in receipt of the WFA, plus their state pensions which are being frozen from this year.

What opportunity did we have to continue working and plan ahead differently and financially when these changes were announced for us last year. The answer is - NONE and one of the reasons why we complained and campaigned to keep the WFA! We didn’t choose when we were born and can’t influence inflation or politics in France, except locally IF registered to vote here also, which I am!

At least you do have the opportunity through forewarning, to continue working and plan ahead! Did you support our expats WFA campaign for already retired and in receipt of WFA here - I’m guessing the answer is NO but I also guess you’d like me to support your campaign? I wonder why! Also those getting the WFA and living in the UK will continue to receive it I believe. It’s the expat pensioners that were discriminated against,

Ah yes, Edmund Burke: The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.

Sad, isn't it, that an 18 century quotation becomes a 21 century truism, albeit it was probably the case well before Burke and shall eternally remain so.

I was reluctant to post my experiences but they are the same as yours Brian, after speaking to many people about this and other losses of benefits i use the term benefits as that appears to be the favorite word of some. Many i have spoken to just shrug their shoulders and say doesn't bother me i get my Gov pension i retired at 55 or 58 long way to go yet anything can happen same as the WFA one person told me if you need that to survive you shouldnt have come to France only to find out he is living below the radar and appears to live in the UK and is on permanent holiday here, same as the voting rights, many of us living here are being undermined by our compatriots they dont appear to understand its the thin end of the wedge do we just lie down roll over and let them tickle our tummy's .What is the quote, For Evil to triumph good men only need to do nothing

Yes, the 'I'm alright Jack' attitude often prevails. I have to admit that a few years ago a hundred odd quid a week would have been neither here to me but my marriage broke down after 20 years and now I need every penny I can get. I have 33 years worth of contributions which I understand is currently enough but by next year I will owe them money to make it up to 35 - which I don't have. If we can't motivate the big numbers to protest with us we are doomed I'm afraid. Very depressing.

Unfortunately, talking to some people I met in Le Bugue this morning, they can afford it and waved it off. One of the women said she's seen this post but didn't feel concerned. I find that selfish, thinking of oneself and dismissing the needs of others. It is part of the package with apathy sadly.

Hilary, I'm afraid apathy will beat us all - wish the Brits had it in them to protest like the French. Most people have just blindly accepted it. Dame Joan Bakewell is going to ask about it in the Lords and I think you are right - they are our best hope!

Fancy getting a question asked about it - takes a couple of seconds but you will need to use a uk postcode I expect Fancy asking him what he is going to do about it? I know what I want to ask him!

Some of us are 'oldies' are UK born in an age when Aneurin Bevan had overseen the construction of a welfare system that appeared to be in the hands of the people and both my grandparent and parent generations were full of absolute joy that this had happened given their expectations before. Those of us of those ages have seen it all whittled down, undermined and are either cynical or angry. I prefer to contain and control my anger to use constructively, which I try to do for others in the future given that for my generation it is already too late.

Donna, you are right to be cynical, and you have hit the nail on the head! :-)

I tend to share that view, Rachael, and my view is even more cynical. All governments are corrupt, all politicians lie, and the idea that one should hold a government to promises made years earlier, or during an election is, I'm sorry, naive. The government, any government, is not your parent. They will not take care of you. I never contributed more than the minimum I was forced to on any pension scheme because for 20 years I've been seeing companies go bankrupt and cheat their employees out of their money. I've seen close hand what happens to people who are left in poverty or whose mental health is left shattered because they believed in their company and their government, who betrayed them. I already know the government coffers in my country are going to be empty by the time I might expect to get a pension. I will do what I have to do to survive and count on no one to make things alright or fair.

Okay Brian. Thanks and you are quite right, but to be honest I don't tend to protest because I don't believe anyone in the first place ;-) The best policy is to assume that we will all be cheated. I won't let the wool be pulled over my eyes, I am just going to do what I have to do to survive and not wait just in case .....

Rachael, don't confuse receiving pension and retirement. Where there is a fixed maximum working age, of which there are less and less again, it has nothing to do with pensionable ages. Many people get the pension they have earned but either because they need to or want to continue to retire. I share your sentiment about sitting around moaning and will retire when they nail a lid over me but getting what for many years one is told they are entitled to and then being told, actually not but 'then' a number of times over repeated is reason to protest. Protesting and sitting around moaning are two entirely different things.

Well done Stella, I love the way you said all that. I am British and will probably get very little pension, if at all, but I still don't have a sense of entitlement. I am assuming, for the main part, I will have to sort myself out or work forever, but better to be working than sat around moaning. 60 - 65 is still young, and who wants to be an OAP anyway! I am hoping to hold back that sad day for as long as possible.