Change of address for auto-entrepreneur


Looking at the auto-entrepreneur portal, it is unclear to me how to notify a change of address for contact and location of business. Can someone tell me how to do this via the portal or another way?


Now I'm stumped as I have no idea where to send it to!

Great thanks. Have downloaded and ready to go!

Yes the correspondence part is near the bottom of the form.Just under the change of address part.

Thanks very much. Will this change the registration address AND the correspondence address?

You can either go round in circles on the net or if you need to change the address at which your business is registered you will need to use the form Declaration de modification ou de cessation d'activite, also known as cerfa 13905*03. which can be downloaded here

Tried all. Feel like giving up :(

You may be able to find some instructions via the AE site. Click on 'Mode d'emploi de la dématérilisation' then scroll down to instructions for 'Gérer mon compte'. Not sure if this will work or not but it's worth a try.

Ha, ha. Thanks. Shall try!

This has come up before. The net enterprises portal - then gérer son compte somewhere at the bottom of the page but not, defying logic, either the AE portal or RSI directly!