Change of Address

The new roadnames issued late January or so by our mairie - to replace all Lieu dit as required by the government - appeared on Google maps a few days ago (I’d been watching, and they weren’t there before).

Unfortunately I’d accidentally left Location parameter on in Google Maps meanwhiie. So, despite my making sure Location is generally disabled in all my other apps, I know that Google will already have matched my exact location to all the data in my other apps. And, regardless of Location remaining switched off in other apps, Google will now continue to collect and match all my data even from non-location-giving sources, to include my location.

This is what makes data really valuable for them to sell and others to buy and also to mine : the crossmatching of data to make complete sets that goes on without our approval. Deleting cookies helps and refusing consent for crossmatching on websites helps, but not really with all the other ways personal data is grabbed.

I preferred being in a Lieu dit too. Even if just this week lazy local Jardel subcontractor’s excuse for failing to deliver the same parcel on the 3rd delivery date they’d confirmed on then failed to deliver …after I waited 8am to 7pm at UPS’s insistence each time , was because “the driver didn’t have a work phone and couldn’t find the address”. (A Lieu dit helps them lie like that.)

And yet, that same driver had no trouble in finding the address by himself and attempting to deliver on 3 different days. Days on which they’d been told in advance no one was there to receive the parcel, and when a different delivery date had already been agreed after their last failure. Didn’t need a phone for that did they? Not even in a Lieu dit.

Just to warn everyone, you may have trouble in time. We acquired a number and street name in addition to our lieu-dit possibly 3-4 years ago (I forget). To begin with, we just got little notes left in our box by our post lady reminding us to let people know about the addition to the address. With Amazon, we changed it (safer) but never bothered with other stuff, including our UK banks.
Then we suddenly got correspondence from First Direct saying that we needed to verify our account and if we didn’t our account would be frozen.
The French post office sent our last October’s quarterly statement back to the UK to First Direct and that had wrung (edit :slight_smile: rung) alarm bells at the bank. It has taken innumerable phone calls to their helpline to try and get this sorted, not least because bank databases (or FD’s at least) cannot cope with the concept that all we are adding is an extra line, that we still live at the same place. That in turn has triggered an additional level of security (photograph with passport, etc, etc) which neither of us can get to work. We wait to see whether or not we still have access to our own account.
OH has also not received his Private Eye since January, even though they are supposed to have added the extra line - but trying to spell a French address over the phone to a helpline is not much fun, so heaven only knows where it’s going.

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You can delete the location information in your android account.

yeah…unfortunately with Google data hoovering stable door and horses come to mind