Change of Address

Hi all as with many communes we have been given street name and number.

We use this now for orders but have not changed any of our official documents, carte gris, etc.

A friend just went to get his control technique and was told at the test centre that he has to update his carte grise.

Has anyone else heard of this and done it and do other documents need updating.

Our carte grise only has the village and poste code on it anyway.

Regards Nick

If I remember rightly there was an address to send the change to (online) and they were supposed to inform all official bodies, EDF etc. They did do that with most but some got missed. I wouldn’t have bothered as our postman knows exactly where we are but some carriers might not. I don’t think we got a new carte grise but if I remember I’ll have a look tomorrow.

They missed a trick though if they want people to find addresses more easily. By numbering the whole commune instead of individual streets there is no way you could find someone without satnav or stopping and asking a local.

Yes it is interesting our commune has numbered even numbers on one side and odd the other. In another local commune the houses are numbered with distance from the Marie.

I changed mine recently as moved house. I did it on the ANTS site but it took months as they did not respond to all demands until I kept on and on.They sent a sticker which goes on the carte grise for my car.

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Very sensible, the UK system, they tell me that here we are all numbered from the nearest road junction but certainly in our case it is simply not true.

All the world needs is What3Words…


Go to the ANTS site. There is a link to change of address. I did my vehicles when the address changes happened earlier in the year and received the stick on change of address labels within a couple of days.


Some of the problems with that is you would need to have the program and input the 3 words to find out where it is, you would have to reprogram all sat navs to use it though I think Google maps and waze use it now and each square is about 10 feet by 10 feet, so many locations have loads more than one three-word address.
As it is our farm has 4 different numbers (1-4) as it originally had 4 different dwellings, so it confuses delivery drivers even more :roll_eyes:
It would be helpful as an addition to an address.

When ours changed a few years ago, the maire advised that it was not necessary to change address on official documents until they were due for renewal. He said can you imagine if everyone changed their official documents at the same time, it would likely take forever what with the French slow admin!

A totally scurrilous rumour :yum: French admin slow, the thought of it :laughing:

Ahem, 3 metres x 3 metres.

Which is not an issue. You just use the square that includes your letter box, or main door etc.

Given that a human can see a lot further than 3m it’s hardly an issue if a delivery driver arrives a couple of squares away.

I dislike W3W… The idea is good but they messed up the implementation by not fully separating homophones. Of course they can’t change it now to fix this without creating a new wordlist and forcing existing users to change their current 3 words.

Also they’re running it as a for-profit scheme which I disagree with.

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Considering the problems our drivers have even using Google maps or a sat nav, good luck getting them to use the What3Words app and I don’t think I’m alone with that problem :wink:

You beat me to it. :rofl:

Indeed, but you try getting a delivery company’s drivers to actually use it.

On the DPD app I have my address, my what3words location, a photo of the street view showing the end of our driveway, specific written directions, and my phone number, and (some) DPD drivers still “can’t find the house”.

They seem to go only by the postcode which takes you about 100 metres further up the road, then they give up.

I put my phone number as 2nd line of my address. so it’s showing on the package label. Apart from not looking at the info on the system, it seema subcontractors delivering generally don’t receive info - just the package. So I put it where it will print on the label ie the address.

In early days with France Amazon I had the GPS coordinates on that address line aa well.

Also with Chronopost in particular, if it’s coming from a remote depot and not via local delivery I think the oroblem starts before the van leaves the depot in the morning.

I suspecr they run routing/ delivery sequencing of the packages and if whatever GPS database that software uses doesn’t hsve a street number and streetname that’s already on the database for the softwre to find, you’ll receive notice that the packsge is on the van for delivery today. But it will never be delivered. And you’ll wait all day and possibly into the evening before the systems will send you a delivery failure. Or worse, like they dropped it at a venue far away from you.

I think that the ‘no person at home to receive/sign’ reason for non delivery can be translated accurately by the phrase ‘can’t be arsed to climb down from my warm and comfy cab to ask a local.’

I think it’s more likely they are on piece rates and every second costs them money.

Afternoon. Our address changed from a name to number and road. I took the letter posted into our letterbox along with the list of possible places to start the process. I also photocopied both letters about 10 so could leave with people.
I then went on a mission dropped off where able e.g tax office , needed x 2 BTW 1 house dept other person dept, scanned 1 copy for Change of adress (COA) on line. However, the latter does not always work if you moved no problems, COA causes some confusion. We recently got a letter from post informing us some 6 months + later we’re offically changed.
We are currently on visitor visa so had to COA which was uploaded. Guess you do what suits you but is a slow process !!

My property seems to have several addresses depending on who is writing the address. When I bought the property it just had a name. This is sometimes preceded by lieu-dit and sometimes by 1, lieu-dit. Since the property is located on the edge of a community boundary, but closer to the main village in the adjoining community, mail frequently has one or the other community as the town/ville. Recently I have been told that the property also has a number and street name. Never had a problem yet with deliveries and not been advised that I have to use the ‘new’ number and street name - in fact people do not know where I am if I use the new details.