Change of land owner no reply to letters sent

We have received a letter to inform us that the plot of land we rent as our garden has had a change of ownership, due to death and passing through heritage line.
No offer of a new contract with him only informed of increase to the annual rental fee.
We have written back, twice now, neither responded to.

What should our next step be?

We learned that he had got married and held the reception in the grounds of his village home where we live! (His main residence is in Lyon).

My OH was concerned he would demand that the land be put back to its original state if we did not pay, for us that would only be removal of plants though there are trees and a cabin that were already installed before we purchased/rented.

Any guidance anyone can offer, thank you.

I don’t quite understand the “if we did not pay” reference? Pay for what?

In general a rental contract doesn’t become null and void on a death, it transfers to new owners. And increases in rent should be governed by terms and conditions in the contract. So things just carry on…

But if you want to change anything then best to consult a notaire

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Sound advice.

“If we did not pay” original rent charge or monsieur’s increased rental charge. I have read through our original contract and it only refers to automatic renewal every 9 years with no alterations.
Therefore, in my opinion a new contract should be forth coming as it us HE who wishes to increase the annual rent.
2 letters sent and so far no response.

Caz - did you send the letters as Lettre Recommandée Avec Accusé de Réception?

If the matter escalates, you’ll find the AR a useful tool…

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You should certainly pay the original rental, just to stay in the right,

Is that like uk registered post with advice of receipt?
Not sure of service I used but I had a tracking number.

Yes I did send a cheque with 2nd letter, as it was approaching due date. Presented to our bank over a month later.
It’s from that which prompted my enquiry as to next step.

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It’s similar but seems to carry a much greater sense of importance than the UK service. It is the only service i would use for any post of legal or contractual significance. In my experience, non-AR letters tend to be ignored if inconvenient…

Good advice Brian, with festivities out of the way I will re-send letters, especially with cheque having been presented. However I will give “benefit of the doubt” and wait 14 business days before I chase up.
Been notified by uk that the new C-19 strain is rife and postal services majorly affected (among other services). Not sure if we are at that point here in our rural corner!