Change of ownership

Hello there!

Just become the owner of an English Cocker Spaniel! Shes 7 yrs old and we hope will be a good friend to Bessy our 11 yr old Breton Spaniel. Maggie has a microchip, I have all the paperwork, in there is a "Fiche didentification" I presume I just fill this in and send it of? Will this change the ownership so if she is lost they will identify me as the new owner? Anybody had any experience of this?

Thanks in advance


Hi Liz Welcome to the Dog Group. You will find a discussion already on the site called Identichip France

this has lots of info about this very subject. Have a Look and see if there is something there that will help. But I am also sure lots of the members here will have experienced the same problem. It is normally the responsibility of the person ( or society ) you got the dog from, for instance my dogs papers were transferred by the SPA rescue society in Carcassonne and I got them chipped and verified by the vet.

The dogs sound lovely and Maggie is a great name for a dog, just rolls off the tongue. G.