Change of vehicle matriculation

Prior to applying for a Carte Grise, we needed a CT. We have now had that done, received our Carte Grise through the post and had our french plates put on. Insurance changed to new VRM however the sticker on the windscreen and our CT document shows the old VRM. Does this need changing please and if so, how? Do we go back to the CT station and ask for new documents? Has anybody had a similar issue please?

I’m not sure people will know the term VRM. I believe you mean the vehicle registration number (matriculation) so I’ve altered the heading to reflect this.
Or did you mean the CT vignette?

Not necessary to get it changed - the only way is to get new CT, so wait until the next ones due.

While I don’t doubt what you say, that does seem to be a bit of an oversight since it will no longer relate to the car so could just be any old one you’ve put in there.

I think the VIN is put on the CT document

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That’s really helpful, thanks all

and you are required to carry that in the car… the Gendarmes when carrying out a contrôle are not incapable of understanding the vagaries of the system :wink:

Hi Gilly

I took the new CGrise to our local CT testing station (not knowing whether I needed to or not…).
They were pleased and noted the new details in their records but did not change the vignette… saying it could stay.

I did likewise with our Insurance company… (who took a photocopy in those long ago days.)

Some folk will doubtless say it isn’t necessary to do this … but such is life… :roll_eyes: :hugs:

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good to see you back @smw
I suppose you took the photo with your old Brownie image


Thanks Stella