Change over person required

Morning all, an ex SF member and friend is looking for a changeover person - could be a nice little job for someone?
Message me if you are interested and I will put you in touch!
She is:
Looking for a very reliable hand over person/company to look after our apartment in St Cyprien Plage, Languedoc. We are a few minutes walk from the Water Park and have a two bed/two bathroom second floor apartment in a gated complex. Usually have Saturday hand overs…not huge number of bookings but hoping to up them for next year. Person needs to be ultra reliable…think I mentioned that already! have great cleaning skills, able to sort out the laundry/ironing. Have an eye for detail to make the apartment really sparkle! Hopefully have some DIY skills for when something goes awry and also be willing if needed, to be available if trades people need to come out to fix anything. Please pm me if interested or know of anyone that might be…many thanks. — looking for recommendations.