Changes in speed ahead (perhaps)!

I have posted a link here from an article in Le Point that will, if it goes ahead ,affect all of us here. Personally I am opposed to the reduction in speed from 90km/h to 80 km/h because I think it is being considered as a means to raise money, more motorists will be ‘flashed’. I don’t think this will save more lives either. Apparently the government has never published the results of an experiment carried out in 2015. What are your thoughts ?

That will be tedious :frowning:

It will be horrible, there are roads that could do with their speed increasing. Straight stretches with no houses and good visibility for instance. More should be done to stop mobile phone users, I recently had an idiot driving towards me on the wrong side of the road while chatting on his 'phone with one hand on the wheel and his one brain cell otherwise engaged !

I thought the UK was bad, but drivers using mobiles seem far more common here.

I agree with you wholeheartedly. It’s not the speed on these roads that causes accidents it’s poor driving. I see people on their phones all the time weaving across the road or slowing down and speeding up. Then, of course, there is the tailgating which seems to be the norm here but is so dangerous. Not forgetting overtaking at every possible opportunity whether it’s safe or not.

Also, where are the police to catch the dangerous drivers? I never see police cars on the road unless there are 4 of them parked by the side of the road, usually with at least 10 officers standing around, pulling people over to check papers. Not sure why it needs so many of them. If there is little chance of being caught breaking the law then it’s far more likely that drivers will do just that.

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at 90kph we get great big lorries trying to overtake and following at a few cms behind the bumper - at 80 kph it will be even worse…against this stupid idea

Ok, it’s coming … :frowning:
Ce mardi, à l’occasion d’un conseil interministériel de sécurité routière (CISR), le gouvernement devrait annoncer l’abaissement de la limitation de vitesse à 80 km/h sur les routes secondaires.
Edouard Philippe, qui défend cette mesure, se dit prêt à être « impopulaire » tant que cela permet de « sauver des vies ».
Mais selon un sondage YouGov* pour « 20 Minutes », cette mesure serait inefficace pour diminuer la mortalité routière.

Round here… it would be useful to have all the roads, outside towns/villages, which have absolutely no white line whatsoever… to have max 50kph.

As soon as folk leave the confines of town/village… they tend to run at the National Speed Limit… quite regardless of road conditions. Our side roads are narrow with blind bend after blind bend.:scream:

In the absence of any other speed restrictions… the absence of white-lining could be an easy “marker” to show when to reduce to max 50.

Just a thought… :thinking: should I write to Macron with this brilliant idea?:star_struck:

No. I’ve just driven over to the coast off the N roads. The roads I’ve used have been perfectly safe. I was thinking on the way over that a blanket 80km/h limit would be a real pain as I would rarely be able to use top gear on my car and I’m sure that that would affect its fuel consumption and not in a good way.