Changes in speed limits

Does anyone know what is actually going on with the proposed changes in speed limits?
I’ve looked at a couple of news articles and am none the wiser and FB is (of course) awash with armchair experts…
It looks to me like the new reduction from 90 to 80 does not come in until July 1st? But I did see one reference to it being trialled in Les Landes? And as we live in Les Landes, I am keeping my foot off the accelerator until I know for sure!
Personally as we live on a 90 road where people regularly do 120 around the bends (and end up in the ditches), I am all for this but I can see that when I am a long open straight stretch of road, I am going to get quite irked!

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Hello Catharine
There was already a trial carried out in 2015, the government has never published the results of this. Have a look at my post “Changes in speed ahead (perhaps)” on Cars/Motoring/Insurance. I did sign the petition as I am totally opposed to this measure !

Hi Ann
There was an announcement this morning that it is being rolled out but the where / when element seems confusing.
Or maybe I just need more coffee!

It’s not coffee you need, we all need a glass or three of something stronger ! :wink:

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eau de vie … hic

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actually… everything I am reading talks about the Government making an announcement today… so I am presuming that it will start… some time after that… cannot seem to see a date yet, but they are certainly discussing Les Landes as not needing many panels changed…:unamused:…has someone been nicking them… ??

@cat According to this site…updated this afternoon… it will be days or even months after the announcement. This link gives loads of info… but until the decision is officially made… it all just pie inthe sky… or mud on the road… :smile:

Catherrine, why? why are you all for it? if as you state people regularly break the 90 limit what in all that is dog is going to make the slightest difference. It will however raise revenue whilst people get used to it and switch to toll roads (raising revenue) because apart from the locals, others will be driving slower but for longer. It will add just over the hour to my journey and I am already tired after 6.5 hours of driving.

Like I said, personal circumstances. If the limit is lower, even if they break it, they are likely to be going slower. And that works for me.

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Comes into effect July 1, apparently, Catharine. Have to give them time to change all the signs and update the speed traps. Don’t think it will make a lot of difference. Far more important to stop people using their phone to text/send photos/videos while driving which I heard is responsible for 1 in 10 deaths on the road. Interesting that the lowest number of accidents/deaths are on the motorways where the speed is highest which suggests it’s not speed as such that causes accidents although it does make the outcome worse.

Thanks Terry!
Totally agree re phone usage. I very nearly hit a guy on a moped last night
who suddenly veered out in front of me. Probably because he was gazing at
the screen of his phone. He wasn’t young either - plenty old enough to know
better! And…he didn’t even looked surprised or shocked to see a car
inches away from him.

Just in time to catch all those lucky people speeding off for a holiday :wink: Should swell someone’s coffers !

Hi Catharine. I’ve just joined a Facebook page which relays people’s comments on driving conditions on the A75. Hugely useful, particularly now with all the snow. But you would be astonished – or maybe you wouldn’t – to see the number of posts that include photos and videos along with a text. And this from people driving in very, very hazardous conditions and not at a standstill in a jam. It defies belief. Wonder if the cops will wake up to this and start prosecuting people who post.

Interesting take on the decision in Le Figaro - cost of changing signs etc 10 million, estimated increased revenue from speeding fines 335 million.

Driving speed just like drink driving is a culture thing (IMO) and until this changes I can’t see there being a drastic cut in the numbers killed on French roads.

Will this cut road deaths, who knows, but at least the government is trying to do something positive.


I can’t see changing from 90km/h to 80km/h will change most drivers behaviour most of the time - I’ll probably slow down because I don’t want the hassle of getting “done” while on holiday but I suspect most won’t.

Our village has put some speed calming devices in which seem to slow people down a bit. Speed cameras don’t help all that much (people just slow down for the camera) but average speed cameras could be used and they are much harder to “evade” - trouble is that would involve spending more money.

Quite a lot of roads in France are perfecntly safe at 90, a blanket lowering of the national limit to 80 feels like something that is more about seeming to address the problem than actually addressing it.


Well unless they lowered the speed limit 50 KPH the addition 30KPH adopted by some it really won’t make a difference even using your logic Catherine. :wink:

The 10KPH still doesn’t allow any more thinking time when you are glued to the ass of the car in front. The French driving authority should also look at how they train the French to indicate on roundabouts, not to mention indicating in general. The french are best at motorway lane discipline.

Well lets visit this subject again in a couple of years and see if the stats on accidents and the cause have reduced and by how much the revenue has increased.

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I am a bit ( a lot) sceptical about why the results of the 2015 expirement haven’t been published.

I think the issue of using 'phones while driving is far more important and should be number one priority.

What about the people who smoke while driving, surely that is also dangerous ?

All the decrease in speed limits will do is cause more frustration and make money from the beleagured motorists, there are roads that could do with being a 70 limit and others that could easily pass to 100. Personally, as I suspect most drivers do, I drive as per the road conditions, when there are cameras I slow and if it’s a straight road I then speed up after.

People complaining the christmas post is late, Better post the cards before July, if things go any slower lol

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People using phones are to be dropped on from a great height… :fearful:

Ghastly site… this vehicle… might just make someone slow down… or ditch their mobile !!

We spent a fraught 30 minutes last evening, with a stupid woman driving behind us… practically in our boot, each time she failed to notice we were stopping for lights etc… she had one hand on the wheel…the other clutching her phone… she wasn’t concentrating on us or anything else around her.