Changes to sick leave rules backdated

Hi people,

Hope you can advise. My employers sent an email today, 23rd May, with some changes to healthcare costs, transport costs and sick leave benefit.

The NAO agreement was signed 11th May 2023 for a period of 1 year. Nothing has been mentioned about the benefits mentioned above until today, 23rd.

The change however is backdated to 1st May.

Previous - sick pay was paid from the first day
Change - first 3 days now unpaid (which I know is normal for a lot of companies)

My issue is, I was sick for 3 days at the beginning of May- was signed off work, but this backdating of the change will see me lose out on 3 days pay with no prior warning. (If I knew this I would have taken 2 weeks off to recover from a virus, but I rushed back, as that just who I am… more fool me).

The other benefits have been cut and also backdated to 1st May.

Surely this can’t be allowed.

My questions,

1 - is this allowed?
2 - if the NAO was signed 11th May 23 for a period of 1 year surely then the start date should be 11th May 2024.

Hope I explained well, thoughts?

Hi there… are you talking about France or UK…

if you’re talking about France, I’ve been reading in the French Press for a little while now… telling us of various changes to Sick Leave and all sorts of stuff… but about back-dating, I’m not sure… it does sound tough for you though… let’s hope it can be sorted.

perhaps you can clarify your situation a little… ???

Hey, yes, sorry this relates to France.

I’ve been reading about the changes nationally, but this is more to do with the company I’m working for tightening the purse strings year on year.

Thing my days are numbered. The actually changes I understand, the money isn’t the main driver, it’s more principle. They have form for this, making some changes only to be told they can’t do that and then back tracking.

oh gosh… that’s awful… perhaps you can take the equivalent of “legal advice”… do you have a union?..

We do, but not that useful most of the time.

I will email HR tomorrow.

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Best thing to do, also contact the union representatives that agreed to sign, if they signed?

The employer might already have been on the wrong side of the law in some respects (some of the changes were effective since Jan 1st this year), and has therefore “rushed” to sort things out, thereby backdating the change to May 1st ? If the agreement has been signed by the partenaires sociaux (CSE, syndicats, etc), then unless they have been forced into it and are considering taking action, it doesn’t seem immediately obvious as to what you might do as a single member of staff affected by the backdated change.

The only thing I can think of that came into force on May 1st, 2024 was the change to the requirement for employees to be included in the mutuelle cover (and suffer corresponding deductions from salary). Perhaps this is part of the new agreement, hence the backdating to May 1st ?