Changes to the auto-entrepreneur system

I received information in french today re the changes to the self employments conditions, I didn't totally understand it but it looks like the minimum contributions are to be set at around 1,300 /1,600 euros a year. My lifestyle is meagre enough without taking even more off me, have I read the info wrongly or is this really going to happen?

If anyone can help or wants the info I have been sent, email me at and I will forward for closer scutiny

phew thanks Tracy, thought I was going to have to tighten the belt even more, I'm running out of notches to tighten!! jx

I had the same link as you but unfortunately my french isn't up to understanding it, I used google translate but we all know how 'reliable' that can be... do you know if that mean for those of us who just manage to scratch a living, we can carry on in the usual way? jx

The full information is here.

I think the part you are referring to is an optional chance to purchase extra contributions to ensure you have the minimum 4 trimestres to qualify for a pension.