Changing a Uk Qualification to a French one

After 5 years of waiting i have finally found out that i should be able to work in France with my Childcare qulification. However it has to be changed to a french one first. Has anyone had to do this before?

I have recieved an email today with all the information which they need from me but to say the least i am pretty confused, so if there is anyone who thinks they can help i would be very grateful.

Thank you, i will have a look into the docs and contact Wendy Wise.

I know someone in a town not to far away who is assermenté.

Thank you once again

No I didn't bother changing anything, with the teaching qualifications I simply explain what it is and there are EU official equivalents so my PGCE is the same as a CAPES. It also helps a bit in that I did a maîtrise at a French uni too so I'm "in the system" and can be easily pigeonholed.

As with all admin, I guess it'll take time and you'll need a translator who is assermenté I am a translator but have never bothered getting assermenté as it would complicat ethings for me and mean I'd need to do court translations too. there have been various threads on getting docs translated so have a look through the forum, some have been pretty cheap too, I think Wendy Wise has some good tips with her facilitators organisation - try sending her a message.

Best of luck

Thank you for replying.

I have contacted the professional body in the Uk who put me in contact with someone here in france who has now put me in contact with someone here in Brittany. I now have an email with a list of things that need sent of and translated etc, so they can decided if i can work here with that qualification. The list is some what confusing and not sure i understand it 100%, i dont want to miss something out and it all gets delayed further. It will already take 4months for them to decide.

Did you have to get your qualification translated/accepted over here?

Asked at the nursery where my son goes and they said they would accept me but i need my qulification in French etc before they will take me on. I already help out there most weeks.

I think the first thing to do is sit down and translate the whole list of paperwork needed and go from there. I think i will need alot of luck and a glass of wine or two to help me through it!

Not sure about child care but my PGCE is recognised here but I can't be titulaire of a functionnaire's post. Just a remplaçant... which could now lead to a CDI but it's a long story and although things are changing, it seems to differ a lot from one qualification to another. Things are meant to be sorted via European harmonisation rules but France seems to be the worst at respecting them - why give a job to a foreigner when there are plenty of French with the same qualification on the dole (not an attack on France, any country would do the same). Try contacting your professional body or simply call into your local crèche and ask around.

Bonne chance !