Changing address on carte grise (and insurance question)

Hi everyone, first post so please bear with me. Our situation is complicated (whose isn’t?) - in short we have French residency and 10 CdS but are currently in the UK. Our camping car is with us; it is on French plates. However, the insurance expired and as we had no French address at that time (house sold) and we were in the UK I could not renew it. I was thinking of putting it on to UK Plates, so currently it is insured fire and theft only with UK insurer; no road use allowed. Then we had a massive change of plan.

We decided to come back to France, to live. We have a new French address and hope to come end of June. I really want to bring the CC without changing it to UK and then changing it back to French. What a palaver and not sure about import tax implications although it was bought new in France.

Trying to work out what to do: I need to change the address on the carte grise. We do have an ANTS account, though it is in OH’s name and the CC is in mine. Also, how to insure it with French insurer? Any tips?

Hi Elizabeth and welcome to SF
There are a couple of people here who can probably address your various queries:
@fabien for insurance (or click the Insurance link in th top banner)
@anon90504988 and @DeTolkTW on ANTS
and last but not least @toryroo in regard to your 10 year CdS (is it a WA version or the now defunct(ish) UE version)?
I’ve tagged them so they should reply when they pick up on the topic.


Hi Elizabeth and welcome,
Changing the address via ANTS is easy enough.
The address change is free of charge if you’ve done less than 4 changes and you will receive a little sticker that needs placing over the current address. (Make sure you don’t hide the titulaire when you stick it on).
If this is your 4th change, it will cost 2.76€ for the postage, because they will send you a new carte grise.
If you are doing it yourself you just need to put in the registration number and your new address.
As the véhicule is in your name, I would advise creating your own account unless your OH is co-titulaire, in which case he can do it from his account.

When you go onto the ANTS site do as follows:
'Modifier l’adresse sur ma carte grise.
Connect to your account,
Scroll down to 'Pour Moi-même
Enter your registration number and the other details requested.
Étape suivant
Full in your new address and click oui for the possession of the carte grise.
Étape suivant

You should receive the sticker within 4 to 7 days.
If you get stuck, give me a shout.

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I’m sure Fabien would confirm this but you will probably find that your insurance is still running as it is automatically renewed unless the vehicle is sold, If you contact either the agent or the main company you may find a bill that needs paying. You could notify them of your change of address at the same time & you could do this all online.


Thank you so much - we’re Ok with the CdS aspect, already taken advice on that. For info, they are the old versions that will become invalid 1 October, but have applied online to exchange them.

The moral in the story is that if you decide to leave France for whatever reason do not be too hasty in leaving the system as you have to go through all the rigmarole to get back in again!


Thank you, that is very helpful. Fingers crossed about the sticker bit as I was worried would need to send it off and then may not get it back before we need it to travel

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Thanks for the idea Mark, but sadly the policy is definitely cancelled… I am trying to persuade them to take us on again, but looking for options if I get the “Non”!

Did you cancel on the basis of leaving the country? Have they acknowledged the cancellation? Cancellation requires more than just a phone call. Your post says that it expired, not that you cancelled it.
If it is still on French plates & you are a full french resident you should be able to insure with any agency here.
Most agencies can do the whole thing by email, even sending you a copy of the vignette for the windscreen.

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Oh just to update, thanks for all the great advice. I’ve applied to change the address and I found a French insurer willing to insure us again, sympathetic to our situation. (Not the previous insurer who disappeared into the ether…).

Thanks all